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Even the quarantine period has some small positives – we finally managed to (almost) finish our apartment! We moved in ages ago but, as I mentioned, we never really prioritised our flat. Despite the fact my husband, my sister and my closest cousin work in interior design/ interior architecture and furnishings, I was never really into pushing any of them to actions.

But. Quarantine came, and I had plenty of time to think about the new decors, finishing, colours etc.

So as our kitchen got finished, we invested in some SMEG home appliances. I chose the ones in pink as I think they make a great statement. Despite what everyone thinks – it looks more of an art deco vintage rather than too cute. We were really impressed by how these items were delivered! It was all so beautifully wrapped and looked so… exclusive! I hope they will stay with us for a very long time. I am considering investing in a toaster as well.

Our recent homeware finding- Vera Cosy . The brand provided us with some super cosy slippers. We have two sets of ‘couple slippers’ in burgundy (female) and navy (male). We really enjoy them, both indoor and outdoor. Despite the days being so warm, the wool-felt plush lining doesn’t make us feel like it is too hot or sweaty. Vera Cosy are the kind of slippers you can wear all year long without feeling too cold or too warm. The design is also quite versatile – not too cute, just plain and elegant. Another thing is Vera Cosy’s iconic foam memory technology. The brand is one of the first users of memory foam in slippers in the world so they put a huge impact on it. Check them out, they have the whole variety of designs for women, men, kids and super cute sets, such as couple slippers (ours) and family slippers.

Last but not least, travels are still not an option so I try to surround myself and my husband with fresh plants and flowers. May is probably the most colourful Month as the options were many – our flat smelled of lilies of the valley, lilac, rhododendron and much more! Can’t wait to get my hands on peonies, which is due to come in June.

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