Wardrobe Essentials – Summer Accessories 2019

Summer has just landed!

Summer has its favourites and tendencies, such as pastels and florals – this will remain ‘unchanged’. Coincidentally, every season sees a comeback of something …. from the past decade. Thank God. Luckily, people are getting more into the quality and timelessness of a piece rather than ‘use once and throw away’ manner. Straw hats, espadrilles, vintage bags… this is what matters this season!

The way I see it, June is a perfect Month for completing your summer wardrobe. High sstreet sales are just around the corner, pre-loved goodies get discounted (people need money for the holiday), online magazines and fashion blogs drop us some fresh ideas.

Every accessory I introduce today is a timeless piece, and I plan to use them for years to come <3 I would just like to give you some ideas on how to spend your money wisely.

I couldn’t imagine Summer 2019 without…

….an oversized hat! It is my very favourite accessory (although my husband hates it). I love how it compliments dresses, swimwear as well as the casual white top-jeans look! My number one for this summer but I also wore it last year (and we will never break up)! There are loads of shops where you could buy it but I would highly recommend purchasing from an independent hat store. The hat stores are so-to-say ‘endagered’ by the high street and online stores who are often selling hats made of papers (that are more than likely to last one season only). Please contribute to the environment and purchase 100% straw hat from an independent store.

…..without turban! It is definitely not loved by everyone but I think it looks incredibly stylish. I love wearing it with maxi dresses and all-white looks. For turbans I would recommend browsing in vintage stores, charity shops, silk stores. You can easily fold a silk scarf (like I did) and wear it in many different ways.

…..without espadrilles! Espadrilles are the most comfortable shoes for the summer, I am telling you! Wedges or flats – they look fab with the swimwear, lightweight romantic dresses and shorts. I love the whole espadrilles collection by CARA! I’ve chosen the flat espadrilles for my wedding trip to Thailand, and they appeared to be just perfect for the Asian scorcher! They compliment the majority of my summer looks. I love their vintage looks and the wonderful leather the straps are made of!

….without onepiece! Gone are the days bikini ruled the beach! Onepiece became a thing few seasons ago and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere soon. You might not get your belly tanned but well – there are always the self-tanning products you could use 🙂 Invest in a really great quality piece and it will serve you for years!

….without bucket bag! While basket bags are still a trend this year, Bucket bags are making a huge comeback in all shapes and sizes. So the 90’s fav bucket bags followed its companion – bucket hats and neons. I would say it would compliment both casual and elegant dress. The piece I am wearing is a vintage Kenzo and for this reason, I would recommend browsing Ves Collective, Timpanys or E-bay. Perhaps you could score a great designer piece. Be quick as this trend is still in an ’emerging’ phase but…not for long

….without Fendi monogram! I love how my vintage Fendi piece compliments my summer looks, especially my beloved white dresses. Fendi monogram seems to be everywhere this season – on thighs, tops, scarves and socks. It is still worth to invest in one vintage accessory and wear it with the elegant looks, especially in beige and white tones, as a ‘main ingredient’.

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