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Is there anything equally exciting as shopping? Yes , there is! Swapping clothes can be very exciting and less painful when it comes to  spending money .Thanks to Mrs Bear’s Clothes Swap Shop me and the other girls were allowed to swap seven items we were bored of for something we love .  The event is actually themed on a World War II “make do and mend” ethos ( for more information and pictures about the theme I’d recommend  to visit the Imperial War Museum in London). The  events are held at various locations in London with a regular once a month slot at The Britannia  in Hackney (which is  so-called  extravagant borough in the east of London) . The place is not easy to find which  actually makes it even more sophisticated  and mysterious . One negative  thing that I’ve noticed was the lack of attendance (probably because of the weather OR the London Fashion Week happening in the centre? ) and that there was no men’s section .The clothes were divided into designer and high street sectors and were all very carefully graded by Mrs and Mr Bear so the people won’t be afraid of getting very damaged or old clothes in exchange for their treasures.  The event is happening every one or two months in two different venues.   Although the big one in London’s Old Spitalfields Market is said to be much  busier and better, the smaller one has a little retro shop feel about it .

To sum it up – it was a great experience! It is definitely worth to spend six pounds to get in with your seven pieces of clothing OR accessories not only because you can swap them for something you like but for the purpose of meeting very nice and lovely people and generally having a good time in the venue, too.


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