Ten Reasons To Wear Burgundy This Fall

I am going to be completely honest now – I like burgundy, because it reminds me of my favorite things, such as wine, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon 🙂 It’s such a rich color! There are a lot of reasons to wear burgundy this fall, and to become the BFF with the color, not only for this season, but forever.

#1 It keeps coming back to fashion in the Fall/Winter season

#2 If you think you don’t necessarily suit burgundy, invest in accessories, example here

#3 Because it’s the color of wine 🙂

#4 Because it adds a hint of femininity to your #ootd

#5 Because the color looks very versatile and ‘rich’

#6 It can be worn with much more than you would think

#7 Because burgundy is very eye-catching…

#8 … and sophisticated <3

#9 It ‘adds’ you age in a good way (but really!)

#10 If you haven’t tried it already – why not to try it this fall?

BTW- looking for some affordable fashion? I encourage you to check out Melody Couture for some great dresses and coats inspired by the celebrity style!






Get inspired:

Coat – Melody Couture, buy it here

Shoes – Hugo Boss, find similar ALDO version here

Bag – Prada, find similar on this website

Hat – H&M, find similar here

Bracelet –  Apart, find it here

Ring – Apart, find similar collection here

Umbrella – no name, find some interesting ones here

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