9 Most Effective Shoes for the A/W2019

As much as I love summer, exotic trips and the sandals but A/W offers so much more in terms of fashion and creativity. I love the cozy winter outfits, but sometimes I want to look more glamour. What do we do? We pick the best quality shoes we will (or might) wear for longer than one season.

As a matter of fact, I do have one pair of black ankle boots in my wardrobe, but I think it is a matter of two seasons and they will be gone. The 10th position is reserved for the cowboy shoes, but I still don’t have them so you won’t see them in here either.

I would also include Timberland but I have always thought they make me look shorter and my legs a bit fatter. Perhaps they are just not the right fit for me but it doesn’t change the fact I really appreciate seeing them on the streets of London.

Well, so…



Overknee Suede Boots

Overknees have had a boom since October 2016 and have been on top of the wish lists of the majority of Instagram fashionistas and their followers ever since. It is an iconic piece every woman should have – even the shorter ladies! I have two leather over knees, but this winter the Cara suede lovelies stole my heart. I have been wearing them a lot lately, but this cape coat + Louis Vuitton combo has been my favourite. They also look incredibly chic paired with the biker jacket and cozy turtle neck. Be prepared to see a lot of them on my blog and social channels!

Boots from Cara Shoes, get them from here

Hunter Wellington Boots

Some people will probably never understand the phenomenon of the rubber boots for such high price, but well – they really are a great accompaniment to a fall outfit. I love wearing them with my cape coat for the glam look, and with a lovely floral dress for the romantic outfit a’la Keira Knightley from ‘The Edge of Love’. Have you seen people wearing them with -10? No biggie. Despite the fact I wouldn’t exactly call them the ‘body warmer’, Hunter offers a wide selection of boot socks (cardigan socks), which will definitely keep you warm and looks really great on the boot, too. The funny thing is that they are not exactly the ‘IT Shoe’ anymore, which makes it the whole load better to wear (at least it is to me). They hardly go on sale but I would definitely recommend using the sale occasions, such as Black Friday or Boxing Day to get them.

EMU Shoes

Winter style staple is here from Aussie! I got my very first EMU from my mama for Christmas last year and I absolutely love them. They aren’t what I would call beautiful but add this kind of ‘coolness’ to every coat I am wearing. I love how they look with an elegant heritage check coat, but they also ‘rock’ the leather jackets and a pom hat. EMU is made of sheepskin, which isn’t exactly the friendliest fact but, unlike their competitors UGG, EMU claims to only use the cruelty-free skin.

Biker Boots

Biker boots were stolen from my sister’s wardrobe, but I have so much love for them. My sister keeps wearing this particular type f boots every winter, and she always looks great. I think they make of a perfect match to tweed jackets, head-to-toe leather look and… well – every possible coat. This model had some cool studs added on the side, but ZARA and Kurt Geiger have some ‘plain’ biker boots in an offer just now. I would definitely have a look!

Laced Up Ankle Boots

I have to admit I really love suede. It is very difficult to take care of, but so much worth the effort. It is another Cara shoe pair I have fallen for. Despite the heel, they are very comfortable  – I wore it every day and my feet weren’t ‘falling out’! The lace detail makes the legs look longer and ankle slimmer. This time I went for navy instead of black. It is still dark and elegant but won’t make the whole outfit kind of ‘expectable’.

Structured Heel Burgundy

Burgundy shoes – nothing new. The trend I am describing it is not just about the colour though. 2018 sees the great comeback of the structural heel. Thanks to Balenciaga, Vetements and YSL, the ‘funky heel’ is available from the majority of a high street. I went for the burgundy colour because I love how it looks against the black tights (which I hate but keeps me warm). Burgundy is also a great colour for the fall and the festive time as it matches all the Christmas jumpers and looks elegant.

Shepherd’s Plaid Boots

Another oh-nothing-new but I really love this trend! The shepherd’s / dog-tooth pattern is timeless, feminine and incredibly elegant. I have had my checked ankle boots for a couple of years and I simply love pairing them up with the leather pants, sequins, cape coats, fur and stylish hats.


Officer Shoes

Officer shoes are a bestseller every season, but it also means they go on sale every year. I would really recommend getting a pair of a very good quality leather officer boots. They are the ‘alternative’ – the shoes you’d always wear when in doubt. They do match the majority of outwear and accessories – it is hard not to agree on this one. For this reason, I decided to dedicate them a place in today’s listing.

Adidas Embroidery

It might actually be an option for the warmer days or the fall in Italy, but I think Adidas Embroidery make of great autumn shoes. In fact, London’s winter allows wearing sneakers in January/February while they would keep you warm with an accurate outwear, scarves and hats.



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  1. Loving your photos, lady! So many awesome boots – autumn and winter is so great for experimenting with cozy layers and perfect boots. I’m obsessed with them! I especially like your biker boots look, the way you mix up the styles, very cool! Happy New Year 🙂

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