The most fashionable head covers/head accessories for 2018

I am in general known for loving my hats and all the possible head covers. I think there is no better way to add ‘some character’ to every look. I collect hats and the head covers from everywhere I go. Whether it is a chic Made In Italy bandama or a straw hat from Morocco, they create my style and define who I am. As it was said at Vogue ‘Hats have the ability to take a look into new territory. Dress it up. Dress it down or make it feel a whole lot different.’

I am glad this year shows some ‘mercy’ and releases straw and raffia on the streets of London, Milano, New York and Paris.

In summer, hats might act as a way to block out the sun – or act as a dress code signifier. It is the mid-summer already, so my hat-collection is big enough for me to be able to show you some of my favourite ones <3


Frayed Wide-Brim Hat

Bali island inspired accessory, the so-called ragged hat is one of the top must-have hats this year. I picked the smaller version with a delicate ragged edge but I am thinking of getting the wider one, with a bigger fray. They suit romantic outfits, maxi dresses and florals. I also think they add an ‘incognito’ exotic feel to the look!

Get a similar one from Sensi-Studio Revolve

Over-Scaled Hat

For the majority of people, a standard wide brim hat is oversized, but in 2018 the most fashionable hats are over-over-over-scaled. I have fallen in love with this trend! They remind me of a Parisienne elegance from the 1920’s but are a bit…bigger. This season’s over-scaled hat can cover the top part of your body and could be a knee-long! It has to be made from natural materials, such as straw or raffia for the effect to be the coolest!

The one on the photo is made of straw.

Hat from H&M


Turbans might feel ‘new’ this season but the forever classic still remains incredibly stylish. It might add you ‘some age’ but considering how chic and classy it looks… it might be worth giving up youth? 😛 They look incredibly great paired with the feminine garments, such as A-line dresses, white dresses, frills as well as delicate florals. I have 3 different turbans and the collection is still growing. 1920’s vibe for the win!


Black and White

The immortal combo looks great paired up with the casual denim shorts + white shirt, white dresses, black dresses and even an ordinary jersey top. My hat has some pom details on the side, which gives it kind of a girly feel.  Black and White hat made of a great quality and natural fabric is a safe choice for the summer + timeless accessory!

Hat from @ray_hats


The Glamorous Wide Brim

The more Parisienne the better. I have fallen in love with this model – especially because it surprisingly fits so many summer looks! I think it looks incredibly chic combined with the wide-leg pants as well as with casual looks. It might look a bit too ‘funny’ with the maxi dress though. It isn’t exactly a must-have, but makes a great and extraordinary accessory for a fashionista! As seen during Berlin Fashion Week <3

Get a similar style from net-a-porter


Newsboy Hat

Newsboy ( or baker boy) hat is one of my fav 2017 trends. I am so glad it is here to stay for a little longer! This summer I picked its tweed version from Stradivarius. It looks super cool with a classy trench and the summery coats, such as the ones made of linen. It is an option for a colder day, as it won’t look great with a delicate dress for sure. Late August/Beginning of September evening idea? Yes!


The Pop of Colour

The pop of colour on a wide brim hat would make the classy outfit to be a bit more girly. It is such a small detail but changes a lot in terms of adding the ‘girliness’ to your everyday look. I would imagine this particular model to go with a jean+shirt set!

Hat brought from Moroccan Souk


A Straw Hat

You just can’t go wrong with a straw hat! I picked the traditional one – it is quite stiff and made of the real Moroccan straw. They look super cool with the majority of summer looks and are the most popular choice for the summer. They are light and comfortable and easy to care for.

Hat brought from Moroccan Souk


Headscarves will always be on trend, but the materials and aesthetics may change. The mood for headscarves in the fall 2018 hat trends seems to be ornate, with different and intricate designs adorning each one. I love how it spices up a casual dress or adds the 20’s feel to the casual look. My favourite ones are the red, green and pink scarves. You can also manipulate the scarves and wear them in a couple of different ways, including ‘the bandama way’ rock’n’roll vibe and chic 1920’s princess.

Scarf from Hermès


Lace-Up Hat


This is my absolute must-have! I have fallen in love the minute I saw Sodade World Hats! The lace-up detail makes the simple hat to be super chic and stylish. The hats, whether it is a straw or a linen, look so glamour with the little ribbon detail! They remind me of Tuscany, the French Riviera and the most beautiful European summer destinations!


The list of ‘The Most Fashionable Covers’ is longer and contains bucket hats inspired by the 1990’s, perspex hats (it’s a NO from me!), visors and the famous baseball cup. The reason I haven’t put them on the list is that it is not really my style. I respect the current trends and I love watching people wearing different head covers, but I would never wear or buy something that does not correspond to my style.

I hope my little hat collection will grow bigger and I will be able to show you some more inspiration soon <3

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