Timeless Swimwear Styles

Are you ready to say farewell to summer 2019? If not, you are probably one of them ones who plan their holidays in ‘late season’ – September, October and even November.

Gone are the days the 1st of September, also the first day of calendar Autumn, forced us to replace the lightweight summer wardrobe with the chunky knits. Highstreet chains, such as ZARA sell full-priced sandals at the moment, while there are a lot of independent stores selling basket bags, espadrilles and resort wear all year long. People are aware of how travelling has changed the retail market as well.

The new tendencies allow me to write about my swimwear at the end of August, and I am sure this is not the last summer-style post this year.

Back in the days, I used to have a few black bikinis, and I thought it will always be enough. Quality over quantity and so on. It was until my dear friend, Dominika, convinced me to invest in something more clorful. I am a great fan of red and green so naturally – it came as my first bikini choice.

Do you know the brand called La Reveche? It was Launched by one super stylish Sicilian lady. She made the ‘bikinis with flowers’ super IT. I waited for this red bikini quite a long time but it was worth it. I love its quality and I am sure it will serve me for ages! Despite the fact it was all over social media last year, I still think it will made through to next season as well.

Up Bra is my recent discovery. I discovered some bras during my wedding lingerie research. I also got some swimwear in a lovely olive shade. I absolutely LOVE it! I truly recommend this brand!

I also started to experiment with the one-pieces. I have quite a lot of them at the moment. I especially love the retro ones, although they are not the best choice for… sunbathing.

I also adore my two Kandimathi one pieces, made with love in the Maldives. The prints are created by the local Maldivian artists which makes them really unique.

My 2019 newbie is also the convertible swimmsuit me and TWOBIRDS New York bridesmaids bathing suits we received for my wedding. Marita and Martyna have them in black, while I got the bridal white version. I think having such swimwear is such a brilliant idea. You can style it in 30 different ways (!!) and even wear it as a top. My number one among my one-pieces for sure!

What is your swimwear choice? I really recommend the brand I mentioned but I would also encourage you to look on Instagram and Pinterest. Most of the independent brands offer a free return, at least the brands I follow. I see the greta comback of retro swimwear (Great!), black bikinis as well as hand crafted goodies. I am completing some new amazing pieces for my upcoming trip to the Maldives so hopefully I will be able to show some more timeless pieces soon.

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