Trips that got cancelled…

Let me skip the part about how the outbreak of corona swept the whole travel industry under the rug. I think TV news are enough of a source.

I had major travel plans. My itinerary was quite… big this year. A few already existing trips got cancelled last-minute, and I had to postpone the rest until… well – you tell me?

Today, I took a closer look at what fabulous hotel stays I missed. I am going to list the fabulous accommodations I was meant to stay in instead of going on about the destination itself. I am still hopeful I will get the chance to see all of those amazing places in 2020 (wishful thinking, hm?)

Kayon Jungle Resort, Bali

Yes, yes I know this is not entirely ethical but this ‘hanging swimming pool’ is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Bali. Kayon Jungle Resort is a 5***** hotel located around 9 km from Ubud. It is safe to say – one of the most iconic places on the island! My friend Domi and I were scheduled to fly on the 2nd week of February. Of course – it did not happen. Apart from this amazing place, we were also meant to stay at Munduk Plantation, Udaya and their fabulous Kaveri Spa. We also planned the wooden treehouses weekend and a lot more! We re-scheduled for November so fingers crossed we will get a chance to dip into this fabulous pool!

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House of Waine, Nairobi

My trip to Kenya was scheduled for mid-March – we were meant to leave on the 17th of March to be exact. House of Waine…. ohh must be a dream stay. A perfect addition to a 2-day safari trip! The hotel is located outside Nairobi, only a stone’s throw from the famous Giraffe Cente. The interior is a mixture of modern luxury and African vibe…It is definitely a must-see!

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Zaya Nurai, Abu Dhabi

Emirati Maldives, described by Conde Nast as ‘one of the world’s most incredible island resorts’! Zaya Nurai is a private island located in Abu Dhabi. Apart from sandy beaches and turquoise water… they apparently offer Maldives-like experience! Ahh…

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Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos

I visited Mykonos for the first time last June… and I promised myself it will get a second chance during the off-season period. Cavo Tagoo, the most iconic and prestigious hotel on the island, has always been my dream and I don’t see a better way to experience this island. Such view, atmosphere… Paradise itself!

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Hacienda na Xamena, Ibiza

June 2020 was meant to be my first time in Ibiza. And what a stylish stay! Hacienda na Xamena was the first and only luxury five-star hotel in Ibiza for nearly two decades and is still considered one of the best ones in the world! Located on a cliff overlooking this fabulous bay… is there anything else to say?

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Today was the day I had my little ‘travel crisis’. I miss getting on a plane, packing my suitcase, planning itineraries… My only hope is that, because of this situation, I will appreciate travelling even more!

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  1. We ve ended up our incredible stay in Kenya at Fairmont the Norfolk s award-winning Tatu restaurant where we ve had the most delicious dinner, best wine and cocktails- ok, if you re ever in Kenya you need to try Kenya Cane! It s sooo good!  Excited to go? You can book your stay here. If you re interested what to pack for safari you can read my packing guide here. It was honestly so hard to leave this magical place! But I ve left with my heart full, grateful as never before. I made the memories that will last forever and friends for life! Thank you Citizen Femme, Spotlight Comms and Fairmont for putting such an incredible trip together and having me on board. I ve had the time of my life! Love you, Mama Africa!

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