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I went to the Trend Catwalk Vodafone Weekend show in Somerset House this weekend.  It was basically the show divided into for sections – four different key trends for the season ahead -style advice on what  to buy. The show was styled by Pandora Lennard , an amazing stylist! She was just great and very comfortable talking.

The first key trend is called ‘Pretty in Pink’ which is the 1980’s inspired from sheer to wool trend. This is a mixture of everything but that everything has its one main feature – it has to be very pink . From Barbies to Jackie Kennedy – everything is now permitted and you don’t have to worry to be ‘too much of a princess’.

Back to nature means nothing else but a lot of natural ‘earth’ shades , camouflage ,  faux fur , loads of tree prints (mushroom prints!), a lot of bottle-green and browns , beiges , grey. From coats to dresses. Everything! I love that trend because its a variety of choice and it’s kind of safe. ‘Nature’ colours are always in for the A/W season.

Shake up! Remember the last season’s geometric look? So it now continues adding colour and excitement to winter. Geometric shapes vs tight dresses,neon , a bit of ‘overdressed’ feel about some of the garments, interesting accessories – shoes , bags and tights.

Last trend is called Victoriana. Winter’s  penchant for the Gothic fuses Victorian austerity with subtle femininity. Lace , loads of lace – black , white , creamy , high collars  , long black velvet dresses , capes and a bit creepy coats. I feel a bit overwhelmed with that  but there are some good elements that can be combined with something more cheerful (Pretty in Pink for example.)

My favourite one would be the Back to Nature. I just loved the looks  and immediately wanted to buy every piece of their wardrobe( this is definitely not for my budget though). I think the coat or accessories are the safest that you can get from every each key trend and you always gonna look fashionable and good.

*Sorry for the very bad quality of my pics but I was using my phone to make them.

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