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Wedding on a Yacht in Dubai? Find out HOW

Wedding on a yacht in Dubai? Oh, yes, it’s possible and you have no idea how ‘easy’ (is it appropriate to use this term in relation to a wedding planning at all? educate me!) it is. Are you guys a couple who has a dire addiction towards doing everything in your own way :)? This idea might be just the right fit then.

As we began our journey with the whole wedding planning, I made the decision to share all my findings with you. This is the first article containing what we might consider our future wedding venue. To make it all clear – I plan on a very small, of up to 50 guests, wedding. I have never wanted ‘this’ event to be a huge one, but I have always craved for it to be placed among a very unique scenery. How about a wedding on a yacht in a very posh location, such as Dubai? It’s a yes from me 🙂

You might think it is ‘way too expensive’ or ‘too much of a hassle’, but it is not! In fact,  it MIGHT end up cheaper than a regular wedding in a mansion with 200 guests.

Cozmo Yachts, a rental company from Dubai, is known for its excellence in yacht charter. The company offers the whole variety of parties and events to be organized on their boats. I saw one couple coming back from their engagement party while boarding our yacht.

They rent the yachts of different capacities from 8 to 65 people, but there are 4 crew members who have to assist you on every event/cruise.

What is the price :

There are several airlines, both low-cost and standard, offering flights from the UK, Germany and Poland for around 130-200 EUR return. It might vary, and it will all depend on how long in advance you and your guests book the tickets. The hotel prices depend on your needs and  requirements, but keep in mind the prices go up to 50% less  week days.

Cozmo Yachts don’t necessarily have to be book years in advance, but the sooner the better, so save yourself from stress and book it as soon as you decide.

What I find the most convenient is that you can adjust the price to your own needs. You can decide how luxury or how modest you want your ceremony to be, and for how long you wish to sail. I think we would have chosen the party to be around 5/6 hours long.

As an example:

90 feet luxury yacht, known as Cozmo 75 is  AED 1200/ Per hour ( around 280 EUR). The capacity of the yacht is 65 people. 

Cozmo 55 FT Yacht (Carnevali Italian Yacht) is 900/- AED per hour (around 200 EUR). The capacity of the yacht is 20 people. 

All the prices include rental and the crew. It does not include food, beverages, DJ and ornaments. You have 3 options:

  1. Cozmo Yachts stuff helps you to organize food, beverages, DJ and decorations, as I was told by one of the owners :We are capable of organizing any kind of private and corporate events on our yachts and we are entertaining such events successfully and have a very good reputation in the market.We can organize different food menus according to the preference of the guests. In we can arrange all event Cakes, Red Carpet welcome on request and any type of decoration which includes balloon, flowers, banners etc.
  2. You can do so yourself
  3. You can hire a wedding planner to do it for you

So where are we with costs?

  • 200 EUR flights per person (but return 🙂 )
  • 200 EUR ***** hotel per night per couple
  • 280 EUR/ hour yacht rental
  • Tailor-made wedding reception
  • Photographers, film makers
  • Legal requirements, such as birth certificate translation etc – more info coming soon


As you decide to have a wedding abroad, I would strongly recommend to hire a wedding planner to help you with the difficulties. You would then find out you have to be in a possession of a special licence to be able to buy alcohol in UAE ,and that you would have to have a council member on a yacht with you in order to legalize your marriage. Why not to avoid dissapointments?

On the last picture with the lovely Cozmo employee, who will undoubtedly help you with choosing the right caters and music for your wedding reception.


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  1. Hmm, I have never thought about this option. Honestly, I am not much of a wedding fan myself and would like to have a small get together as well, while still keeping it fancy and special enough. And this might be a good option. Good inspiration, thanks for sharing and love your pictures!

  2. I love the idea to keep this smaller, but memorable, in a beautiful location. I’ve been married 25+ years, and I can tell you, so something you love with your soon-to-be spouse, the rest will take care of itself!!

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