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Honeymoon Idea: Bergamo

Bergamo. The city on the hill, northern Italy’s treasure. Dating from 49 BC, Bergamo has two centres: Citta Alta, the upper part that is located on the hill, and the Bassa, a lower city that stands for a cultural centre of this pat of Italy. The city has its airport but is also well connected to Milan and Verona.

I would definitely recommend staying in Bergamo for a few days as, apart from AMAZING sights, it would make a wonderful base for the majority of North Italy’s sights. Lake Como, Lake Garda, Milano and Verona are located a stone’s throw, not to mention the Dolomites.

One afternoon would allow you to explore the hill (old town), but I admit you would not have enough time to explore the surroundings, which apparently are the viewpoints. La Citta Alta is a charming place to just stroll around – again, this is what I do and this is how I explore the majority of places. We managed to walk inside the Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore, admired Duomo di Bergamo, had a pizza and a lovely Spritz at lively Piazza Vecchia (it is the heart of the city) and got lost in Città Alta’s astonishing alleyways.

I am sure Bergamo is a wonderful honeymoon option – definitely not for two weeks but for a short 4-day stay. The city really has everything an Italiophile needs in order to feel Dolce Vita vibe. The city walls would make a PERFECT surrounding to a lovely wedding photo shoot, while there are some of the best wedding planning agencies, such as Caterina Lostia, located in Milano, a short drive from the hill town. I have found some of the TOP wedding photographers as well – try contacting Katja & Simon Photography from Bergamo City and you will end up having a fabulous photo story from your precious moments.

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I have found a perfect spot for both – a boutique wedding with a small group of friends and a lovely honeymoon for the couple who loves exploring. Le Funi Hotel is a boutique hotel, located just outside the magnificent Venetian walls, in Bergamo Alta. Despite its location, the inside part of the hotel was designed in a very modern, stylish and very minimalistic way. Quality over quantity is the best way to describe it. I think it is a very lovely combo – you can sit on a very modern armchair and admire the UNESCO heritage site you would see from your bedroom.

I have a few highlights I would like to point out. First of all, the hotel has an amazing panoramic terrace where you (and possibly your wedding guests) an enjoy delicious Italian breakfast, espresso or aperitivo. The terrace gives me ‘The Secret Garden’ (by Frances Hodgson Burnett) vibes and it would make a PERFECT wedding reception area. You would love it.

The hotel’s Michelin star restaurant is a Lamborghini among Bergamo’s restaurants. It is owned by Enrico Bartolini who also owns five other Michelin star restaurants – you can be 100% your wedding or honeymoon menu is going to be a TOP one. You can enjoy from a “contemporary Italian” cuisine, which is a combination of different raw ingredients, modern cooking techniques and all of the main flavours of Bergamo’s area. I have also fallen in love with the lovely interior and exterior – they really put a lot of attention into details.

As for the accommodation, you can choose from junior-, classic- and Deluxe suites. Newlyweds and honeymooners can obviously count on a lovely Deluxe suite and a special treatment on request. You are advised to contact the team at : +39 035 25 00 43 in order to find out more.

As always in my articles. So is it legal for the foreign couple to get married in the land of pizza? Yes, it is. The couple, however, will need to obtain a ‘NULLA OSTA’, which is a Notice of Marriage (NOM) to be able to perform a legally valid wedding in Italy. Moreover, the Italian authorities require proof that foreigners intending to marry in Italy are not already married – as it is in the vast majority of countries I wrote about. Once the Embassy receives the original copy of the Certificate of No Impediment it can issue a ‘Nulla Osta’. Different countries require different procedures to release this ‘Nulla Osta’ to let you get married in Italy. Some countries could receive such a document by e-mail. In the majority of cases, however, the couple needs to apply for such a document in Rome. The couple can also have a Catholic Wedding in Italia and they are legally binding! Religious paperwork needs to be received by the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior to the wedding. If one party have previously been married and the previous marriage has not been officially cancelled, the Catholic marriage will not be possible.

I would advise contacting the embassy of your country in order to find out which documents and procedures are required to get the’ Nulla Osta’ before you even start planning your wedding.

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