London versus Berlin

I do get a lot of questions about which city I prefer, which one is better to live in, and which one offers more opportunities. There is no direct answer to this question, as it clearly depends on people’s preferences and needs. What are you looking for? A job? An entertainment? You will undoubtedly find […]

FashionBloggerCafé THE ORIGINAL

Berlin Fashion Week is happening again. The fashion elite from all around the world has just come to Berlin to see the shows, to party, and to meet the people of the same interests. Unfortunately, this summer the Snapchat story you are planning to stalk, goes online from the creepy northern district, Wedding (instead of […]

Berlin Fashion Week

Właśnie minął drugi dzień Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, czyli największej modowej imprezy w Niemczech (wbrew pozorom). Siedzę sobie w hotelu i postanawiam podzielić się swoimi wrażeniami. Po pierwsze – niemiecka precyzja i punktualność to nie legenda. Berlin Fashion Week jest świetnie zorganizowany. Reguła jest taka, że pokazy podczas fashion weeków zazwyczaj zaczynają się minimum pół godziny […]

Blogger Bazaar Berlin 2014

Blogger Bazaar in the capital of Germany last Sat was amazing. Berlin  just  got promoted for  ‘the most friendly  European fashion capital’. There is no doubt that London has a lot more to offer (in terms of fashion opportunities) but there is not much more to  be done  for the young graduates and  beginners in […]

Wide leg trousers

It probably won’t be a surprise that architecture is the greatest source of inspiration for not only fashion designers but stylists , fashion bloggers and , according to my observations , many other creative fields including photographers , choreographs and make up artists. Taking an inspiration from an architecture does not neccessarily mean very popular […]