Wedding on a Yacht in Dubai? Find out HOW

Wedding on a yacht in Dubai? Oh, yes, it’s possible and you have no idea how ‘easy’ (is it appropriate to use this term in relation to a wedding planning at all? educate me!) it is. Are you guys a couple who has a dire addiction towards doing everything in your own way :)? This […]

Sunset on a Desert MUST-SEE in Dubai

Sunset on a desert have always been my dream. I remember watching ‘The Princess and the Cobbler’ and dreaming of seeing the endless horizon of the sands. It appeared exactly how I imagined it to be. We were invited to go on a 6-hour trip with one of the biggest Tour Agencies in Dubai, Happy […]

5 European Pink Places I have visited and FELT IN LOVE WITH

Let’s be honest here – pink coffee shop is like a ‘ski-jump’ to a gastronomical business success. At least it has been for the last couple of years, since Instagram is around. The Insta-hunters (including, I have to admit, me) keep searching for those fetching places, as they remain the most photogenic ones. Let me […]