Endless Blues at Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites

There are some hotel stays you would remember with a hint of sentiment and there are the ones that are just… mind-blowing and you would never want to forget them! Last week, I was staying at Lindos Blu, which is a 5-star hotel located just outside Lindos, a small town in the southern part of […]

The Best Luxurious Honeymoon Spots in Greece

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most coveted honeymoon destinations in the world. Well – no wonder! This country has everything, from the picturesque views, delicious food to incredible atmosphere and a lot of historical sights. Cyclades, Athens, Saloniki or maybe Crete and Rhodes? the options are many. It is one of my favourite destinations […]

Bachelorette Cities – Lviv, Kraków or Prague?

Lviv, Kraków or Prague? These 3 Eastern European cities are undoubtedly the best choices for bachelorette or stag parties. The prices are much lower in comparison to Berlin or Vienna, the atmosphere is less strict and there is so much more fun! Eastern Europe has the whole loads of attraction to offer! What are the […]

Honeymoon in a Cave – Unique Idea For 2022

Honeymoons are mostly associated with paradise-like beaches, jungle apartments, romantic Bali-like bamboo huts… but is this year not about extraordinary solutions? In 2020 travellers would often choose boutique hotels, extraordinary aparthotels or glamping over the huge complex 5star resorts. The future is about something different. Let me introduce you to a destination ‘like no other’. […]