5 Slow Fashion Tips That Would Make Your Wardrobe Timeless

I am really glad seeing women joining slow fashion movement! It is not only better for you but you are doing the right thing for our environment.

Spend less, have SOMETHING to wear for every occasion.

Let me share a few simple tips today.

Shop From Slow Fashion Websites

By slow fashion websites, I mean vinted, ves collective or, the newest tendency, Facebook groups where ladies like us sell their wardrobe. I use it on a daily basis! Yesterday, I sold my pink PINKO bag that I no longer wear and got a lovely vintage Louis Vuitton Messenger bag. I often list high end or designer items I no longer wear for at least 40% off their retail value. I also shop for pre-loved designer bags because… I would go for quantity in this case. I prefer two pre-loved amazing bags instead of just one bought in-store. It’s my way.

Support Small Independent Brands

.. because there is a 90% chance they offer much better quality than the regular high street chains. I don’t shop at ZARA but, for the purpose of being more accurate, I have checked the price of an average winter sweater. You would have to spend around 50-70 EUR on a viscose/acrylic jumper. Such items might not require special care but they don’t tend to last very long either – one season if you’re lucky. Also – acrylic is not very eco-friendly fabric. What I would recommend is investing in one or two great cashmere or 100% wool sweaters every fall. You would build yourself a lovely capsule winter collection. Cashmere, if you take really good care about it, lasts for years! Not to mention is works like ‘thermos’ – keeps you warm in winter and quite all right in the summer 🙂 For knitwear shopping, I recommend Brodie Cashmere, a luxury mother-daughter brand from the UK. Both pieces on the photographs below are their regular asortment:

Always Go For Yor Style

No matter what – define your style, and always go for something you are actually going to wear. Calculate the sort of ‘spend per wear’ and ask yourself what you really need in order to create a few capsule collections – for the warm and for the cold season. As for me, if I go for something really expensive, such as a jacket or boots, I choose timeless colours and shapes. Key items in safe colours are going to serve me for years to come. Black, beige, camel or even red are the colours worth investing in!

Don’t Be Afraid of Polyester…

… because recycled polyester is the future of retail. This is how it is! Here is my example – this Weill Paris red coat is lined with an upcycled polyester (outter fabric is 100% wool of a very good quality). The quality of Weill’s poly is great PLUS I am happy about doing something for the environment. As for Weill Paris, it is one of my favorite slow brands. I would define them as ‘elegant timeless‘ as no matter trends, you will always find great classics in their collection. To me, Weill is what French elegance is about. Tweed jackets, nonchalance dresses, feminine knitwear and retro-inspired skirts. I feel like I recommend this brand a lot but it is because I truly think the clothes are worth every penny! I have been wearing my two fabulous woolen jackets really often and they look ‘brand new’.

Educate Yourself About Fabrics

It is important to be aware on what you plan o spend your money on. Make sure you check the labels, read about fabrics with the best and worst environmental impact and look into the history of the brand. Choose the ethical brands ONLY. I really recommend THIS ARTICLE. Be aware of what fast fashion and polyester does to our planet, watch how the silk is made and decide whether you want to invest in it. Read about the farms, the production of your garment or eventally ask the brand. The smaller brands often respond to QnA. Also – READ about the animal rights. Not all animal-used fabrics are bad.

Establish Your Priorities

Last but not least. Establish your priorities! Is slow fashion really your thing? Are you after quality? Are you fine with pre-loved items? Would you give up on high street and support smaller brands? Obviously, you DON’T have to follow all the rules, slow fashion is not a regime 🙂 I would start by making a list and defining your budget.

For example, I am planning on getting two new designer bags, two pairs of new stilettos in 2021. My plan is to save some cash first but also look at what sort of bags have a good resale value. Classic Chanel, vintage Dior or canvas bags have a great resale value, so these are the sort of bags I am going to look online.

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