Golden Fall Outfit Of The Day


I could pretty much say the sunny golden fall days are my favorite. I love strolling around the beautiful and colorful alleys, having a coffee or simply walking my dog. It’s a great excercise for your imagination, and a great opportunity to dress up.

What is the best in the fall fashion?

#1 Layering

You can put on as many layers as you want, and it will still look fashionable!

#2 Trench coat

It’s a perfect opportunity to sport our trench coats! They are literally designed for such weather.

#3 Black tights

Black tights are IN this year (thank you Taylor Swift). Although I am not the fan of them (in fashion outfits), I need to admit they are very comfy.

#4 Wellington boots

Golden fall makes our, let’s admit it, ugly wellies look fashionable! I coulnd’t understand the trend… the most lame and not-at-all feminine boots looking as good? But having styled them with the skater dress, I figured out the way to wear them. They are great with the majority of the fall-inspired outfits.

#5 The background

Remember those photo shoots back in 2009? Yes, them ones on your facebook 🙂 The fall background makes you, and whatever you are wearing, beautiful. Enjoy the weather guys 🙂

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Get the look:

Trench Coat, Top Shop, get similar here

Dress Skater Dress, Zara, get similar here

Ring, Artelovi via Apart, get similar in gold here

Bag, Prada, get similar here, cheaper Italian leather bag here

Wellies, Hunter, get similar here



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