Why Is It Worth To Spend Christmas Travelling

To begin with, I don’t aim to convince anyone they should give up on Chistmas traditions  – not.at.all. I simply like escaping winter, and Christmas season seems to be the perfect time to do so. I really enjoy cheating on ugly London-like winter, choosing Spain or Italy for my desired destination. It’s close and not […]

December in Pictures

December is my favorite month of the year! It’s the most magical period of the year, full of beautiful events, such as Christmas markets, an amazing time with the loved ones! I love every single day of it. What was my December like? #1 10k followers December is the month I reached my first 10k […]

Escaping Christmas – Tenerife Part One

DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY đŸ˜‰ Why is it fine to escape Christmas and leave to some place warm?   #1 Who the hell does not want to escape to some place warm at first place? #2 You don’t need to buy Christmas presents (OK, at least not the expensive ones, ya know) #3 You […]