All White Everything – Spring Habit

Spring is nearly here – it means it is time to dust my white clothes out. I am aware ‘all white everything look’ might not be something extraordinary but I always enjoy wearing white when it’s sunny. As soon as the sun is out, and the temperature hits 15 degrees Celsius, I pack my EMU shoes and cashmere pieces away, and replace them with the lightweight tops and dresses. I enjoy this little routine of mine every March, sometimes April. Thanks to the fact my job allows me to travel to warm countries every few weeks, I keep the ‘on duty’ clothes on my special to go hanger.

White clothes are a must, the way I see it. They make a perfect base and would give a nice exposure to your favorite statement accessories, such as bags, shoes and scarves. They could also serve as an alternative, the so-called fashion aid. You know ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ situation? A few sets of all white outfits would do the trick! As for the fabrics, I love cotton, viscoze and silk dresses. Linen clothes, last season absolute hit, are amazing but linen ceases a lot, which does not neccessarily look nice. Cotton is an amazing fabric for exotic journeys, while viscoze dresses are really nice to wear, always fold nicely and are easy to take care of.

I love the latest white and beige combo – who would have though those two colors would look so chic together? Well, a lot of people actually. White/beige sed to be an IT back in the 60’s!

It is hard to talk about ‘trend’, as white clothes are more of a tendency, or so-to-say Spring habit.


So white clothes look nice with….


….. feminine mules. I love the ones with the pear details but Birkenstock would definitely look very cosy 🙂 This Spring, I got myself a pair of beige flats. Beige and white combo seems to be one of the main trends this year, which I am really glad about. This combo looks really chic!


….. with the summer wide brim hat! I love how the wide brim raffia hat compliments white look and gives it the ‘St Tropez’ 50’s vibe! I especially love the natural straw flat boater I got from asos with the ribbon trim. I wear it two ways, and two ways it looks super chic!




Get the hat HERE

……….with monogram details! It is not a secret I am obsessed over the monogram trend this year. Whether it is Dior or Fendi – I have got a lot of ‘them likes’ prepared in my closet. I decided to compliment my white linen coat with the monogram accessories, such as head scarf. Looks feminine and brings the 60’s back!


….worn with chic red accessories! I avoid wearing red/white color combo – I don’t want to end up looking like a Polish flag but this Spring sees a lot of white base+ red accessories outfits, which in my opinion look super stylish!

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