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Chic Wedding in Marbella – Make It Possible!

I have fallen in love with Marbella, especially with its great vibe, exotic greenery and the fact it was 24 degrees in March! This little paradise would make a perfect wedding destination… all year round!

Marbella is a town and resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusia region. It is located between Malaga and Gibraltar. When the sky is clear you spot Africa from the beach. Marbella is known as the playground of Europe’s rich and famous. If the Costa del Sol was conceived as Europe’s Florida, then Marbella is its Miami but without gators. I like the fact that the city is Spanish and people tend to maintain the Spanish culture but there is a large foreign population, which means you can use English to communicate with the locals, which makes organising a wedding the whole loads easier.


When is the best time to tie the knot??

The most popular time of year to get married in Andalusia is between April and October, especially June and September, so it’s advised to start planning a year or more ahead if you’re considering getting married in either of these two months. A late-afternoon ceremony from 16:00 onwards is recommended if you choose your wedding day to be in the summer peak time, and some places (such as Bono Beach from my article) might refuse to hold your wedding in August. We visited Marbella in March, and the temperature outside hit 24 degrees Celsius, which means March would make a great time to tie the knot as well. We were also told December was also a very warm Month, and it is quite a popular period – especially if you want festive-exotic event 🙂

Estimated Cost :

Approximate Wedding Package Prices (all Prices plus IVA), 25 Guests around 8,725€ but it varies.

Legal Requirements

Wedding ceremonies for non-residents

If you aren’t Catholic, hold another faith or no faith at all, then you’ll have to get legally married in a registry office in your home country before or after the non-legal ceremony or blessing in Mallorca.

If you or your partner are Roman Catholic and looking to get married in a Catholic church, then this is permitted even if you’re non-residents. You will need to start the process early at your local church. Passport or ID card, birth certificate, a certificate of your and your partner’s single, divorced or widower status issued by your home parish, certificate of baptism and confirmation, your local parish church permission to get married abroad, and certificate of having completed the marriage preparation courses HAVE to be sent to the Spanish diocese before the wedding.*

Symbolic wedding ceremonies

In Spain, legal civil ceremonies must be performed indoors, but there are no restrictions regarding non-legal blessings which can be performed anywhere. You can either have the symbolic ceremony first and then return to your home country for the legal ceremony or, as most couples do, have the legal wedding first then to fly to Mallorca for the blessing and wedding celebration.*

Civil partnerships

Civil partnerships in Spain are fully legal and recognised around the world, although they are only available for those who have resided in the country for at least two years. You will need to register your marriage in the local registry office by presenting your passport or ID card, birth certificate, certificate of residence and a certificate of your and your partner’s single, divorced or widower status. As of July 2005, same-sex couples can also get legally married in Spain.

In Palma, civil ceremonies are held at the City Council, also known as Cort and located inside a 17th-century Baroque palace, and in the 14th-century Bellver Castle which overlooks the Bay of Palma. There are no civil ceremonies in the city during the months of January, August and December.*

*Source of research:, visitspain

As I mentioned, there are loads of beautiful places on Marbella. There are undoubtedly the whole loads of choices for a wedding, but these days there is more than just a pretty view. Millennials are after places with a soul, where they could feel the good vibes and enjoy their Big Day in a style. Let me introduce you to some of them.



Beach Wedding at Bono Beach Club

Wow, this is a place to chill-out ‘ – it was my first thought when I entered Bono Beach Club. The place is located around ten minutes’ drive from Marbella Old Town, and it is set among a very lovely neighbourhood. Whom is it for? Is the venue right for everybody? I would say it is a perfect option for every couple who loves the beach, white interior, laid back atmosphere and the … views over the Mediterranean Sea. There is no such thing as ‘strict rules’, and the wedding specialists are always open to suggestions and ideas, even the innovative one. I am also impressed by the wedding menu, mainly international and contemporary dishes, such as fried calamari, mixed sushi, lobster or Indonesian chicken satay. The price starts from €79pp! There is a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 160 guests but I am sure the staff and the planners would figure something out if your list doesn’t meet the requirements.

In case you want your wedding to be held something else but still love Bono Beach and feel like it is the right place – the offer a Post Wedding Day Party, which is a great event when you can offer your guests a massage, Balinese style beds, relax, refreshments and water sports activities.  I think having a Post Wedding part at Bono Beach is a great idea as the couple would still get what is best from the club. You don’t have to have your wedding at the club to be able to host a post-wedding party but there is a minimum of 70 guests, and the total price is €180pp (all inclusive!). I think it is just a really cool idea, perhaps even better fun than the wedding itself (at least for the newlyweds).

Bono Beach Weddings were featured in various magazines and online publications, such as Marbella O’Clock, Marbella Marriages and Hot Magazine.  Are you a couple looking for a place to tie the knot? Make sure to step in for a glass of Sangria!

Follow them on Instagram HERE

Wedding with a View at Max Beach

Max Beach  Club‘ is the ideal place for a wedding as well. The club is different from the previously mentioned Bono Beach. The venue is way more spacious and has large terraces with Balinese style beds as well as a lovely 25-metre swimming pool. Imagine having your wedding reception by the pool, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the blue sky…  The view is simply astonishing, and the overall vibe of the place is luxurious but still not too strict. The club is located around twenty minutes drive from Marbella, in the holiday resort of Mijas Costa.

Max Beach is loved by the locals as it serves as a restaurant. Their cuisine features only top quality produce to the delight and enjoyment of all their friends and clients. You could step in for some Spanish specialties, such as Gambas Pil Pil as well as some international dishes – burgers, pizza and sushi. The place is also known for serving amazing cocktails – you can treat your wedding guests to something really extraordinary. The venue has plenty of experience in wedding and it attracts many people of different nationalities. It could make a great boutique wedding venue but also host a huge Indian wedding of 500 people.

Max Beach has just been renovated and reopens in April 2019. There will also be a concession of sunbeds on the sandy beach in front, served by Max Beach with a possibility of having your ceremony on the beach. And a nightclub will also be opening soon. It is the ideal venue for events of all sizes, with the capacity of, even up to 500 guests!

The events menus are really reasonably priced, and seated menus are from €36 to €56 per person for three courses. There are a range of buffet menus from €45 to €79 per person and plenty of optional add-ons such as food stations, canapé receptions and drink packages.  

Max Beach wedding specialists:

Luxury Wedding at Marbella Club

Marbella Club is often described as a paradise on Earth, and I definitely agree with such a statement. This 5-Star resort represents luxury and great taste. The resort itself is a huge place and it takes a day to get familiar with all the facilities – and those are many. There are 3 restaurants at the resort, each of them serves mouth-watering seafood, such as Spanish specialities and exclusive food, such as lobster. My personal favourite was the Beach Club Restaurant. I recommend the octopus salad. Apart from the standard rooms and suites, the guests could rent a luxury Andalusian style villa.  There are 14 villas across the whole venue but my personal favourite one is the one called Casabel (see the header image). It would, in my opinion, make a perfect private party venue – also a boutique wedding. Boho interior, spacious living room and a lovely swimming pool make it really charming, and the laid-back mood makes you feel like you are on an endless vacation. There is also the BEL AIR – a tropical hideaway villa discreetly settled within the mature gardens of the resort. To me, it looks like small Indonesia in the heart of Marbella.

It is important to mention Marbella Club is not an affordable place to hold a Big Day. It is a luxurious resort and so is the price. Nevertheless, it will be a money well-spent. The options for a wedding at the MC are endless. It depends on what sort of wedding you want to have. Small elopement, boutique wedding, 150 people event – the wedding specialists would make everything in their power to make your dream come true. So apart from the Beach Club, you could tie the knot at Villa del Mar, Casabel or at one of the restaurants. As for the wedding menu, you could choose from the most sophisticated dishes, such as Salmon with its Caviar on Black Bread, Cream of Lobster with Cognac and White Toasted Sesame or King Prawns and Watermelon Salad with Cream of Tuna.

As for the wedding packages :


Bachelorette at Jardines de la Reina

I have found a real hidden gem – Jardines de la Reina. The place is not a beach club, hotel or resort. It is a boutique B&B, which you could rent for ….an unforgettable bachelorette/hen party or a boutique wedding of 20/30 guests. We have simply fallen in love with the mystical vibe of this place! The villa is run by a young international couple who are passionate about travelling, culture design and people. Kirsten, one of the owners, works as a travelling makeup artist with years of experience with bridal parties 🙂 The villa has got all the facilities, including pool, hot bath tub and a huge exotic garden. Every room is amazingly decorated, and the interiors are inspired by many different countries, such as Spain, France and Morocco. I would say it would make a perfect chic bachelorette destination, for even up to 15 girls 🙂

The price is also a great plus! The exclusive rental of the property (a must) :

  • 600€ per night in low season (November – March excluding Christmas and the New Year’s)
  • 1,500€ per night in high season

The price includes property and its facilities as well as delicious intercontinental breakfast. As for the caterers, drinks and the music – you would have to deal with it yourself.

Capture THE moment!

Summer weddings, especially the beach weddings, are beautiful but you would really need a person ( or a couple :)) who would be able to capture THE moment and make your memories last forever.

I have fallen in love with the artwork of this creative couple from Malaga. Artemio and Maria have been working in Malaga for more than five years. Together, they create a Foto Boda Malaga duo. I have seen they have done a lot of weddings – agritourismo weddings, exotic weddings, small elopements, events, engagements shooting. A lot of work, I am telling you.

I especially love how they play with light in order to create magical shots. To me, FotoBoda creates a mirage and stunning games of lights. Their photos ‘live’, and could be interpreted in many different ways. They love sunsets and sunrise photo shootings but they are also very keen on capturing details, THE moments and the lifestyle shots they do are always very lively. Artemio and Maria are open to suggestions and love to work with open-minded couples who ain’t afraid to risk for the perfect capture. Check their Instagram page HERE


As for the price/ packages FotoBoda offers :

  •   30 photographs – 75 eur.
  •   60 photographs – 100 eur
  •  Wedding Photography – 100 eur/ 1 hour
  • Studio shooting ( around 30 photos) – 100 eur /1 hour

Photos are usually delivered within a week, and Maria and Artemio tend to answer every request as soon as they can. You can drop them an email if interested:



Marbella is amazing!

Marbella is a great destination for a holiday, or even to live and work there. It has a big Spanish population, a stunning old town, lots of cultures, fantastic cuisine and wonderful year-round weather. There are loads of things to keep you busy all year round, whether you come as a family, a couple, or… wedding guests. We had some time to visit the Old Town, and stroll around the famous Avenida del Mar.



It is worth to dedicate at least a week for a trip to Andalusia. Apart from Marbella, there is a lot to see! The main attraction would be a trip to Gibraltar, where you could enjoy from amazing views of 3 countries at once! (Spain, Gib, Morocco). There is also amazing Ronda, which we did not have time to see and Malaga Old Town. We managed to visit amazing Puerto Banús, which is a marina located in the area of Nueva Andalucía, to the southwest of Marbella. The place has a great vibe about it and is just perfect for an evening stroll, luxury shopping or dinner. We stepped into Jacks Smokehouse for some lovely cocktails and American food. The venue is also a very popular place for  hen and stag parties as it’s perfect for groups, both large and small. There is a DJ at night, and good fun is guaranteed thanks to the good vibrations.


I would definitely recommend renting a car when in Andalusia. This is what you could also read on the majority of websites and forums. Public transport exists but it is way easier to get everywhere in a car. The distance is quite small (20/30km) from one place to another, but it takes a while as the city is a bit ‘long’. Driving through the Beverly Hills-like alleyways is a pleasure itself! Not only you have the motor ways, but also the cliff roads with the magnificent views of the turquoise water!

Goldcar is a car rental we are always using. They offer great customer service, you can also rent a car from the airport and the choice is quite wide. The price of a small car is around 25 per day (+insurance!!), but I would recommend renting a very comfortable SUV, such as FIAT500L for around 50 per day +insurance. The fuel policy it full to full. The tollroad to the airport/ Malaga costs 4.

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