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The Expiry Date – #changedestiny

I have not been super active on my blog recently (I have been on my Instagram though), but I am coming with the whole loads of pictures from our latest road trip in Italy, and tones of new projects!

Along with the pictures and another inspirational destination, I come up with something that I think is worth mentioning :

I am really impressed by the video the luxury cosmetic brand SKII has just created. SKII sells luxury skin care products,  and is owned by Procter & Gamble. The brand tends to be rather considerate of their clients, hence the idea of the newest video showing how three different women, from three different countries #changedestiny by tackling age-related pressure. Only 2 out of 10 women  feel comfortable with the idea of getting older according to a new study by SK-II ( in Asian countries). The reasons are many – mainly pressure from family and friends, society’s scrutiny or feeling the burden to marry before an artificially created deadline is up. Although the survey relates to Asia, I  think this sort of issue might bother quite a lot of ladies of all ages.


The main message ?

‘Challenge the idea of having an expiry date, challenge the norms, marry on your own terms, live your own life.’

I am far from giving and sharing my political/social opinion here on my blog, but let me tell you something :

  • Live your life how you would like it to be
  • Don’t let anyone to tell you how to live – unless you want opinions, which is completely understandable.
  • Set your own standards
  • Set your own goals and try to achieve them – my favorite quote is ‘don’t let your dreams be dreams’! Try to reach them no matter what!
  • Be considerate of others, but it’s the YOU you are going to spend the rest of life with 🙂
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, and remember …
  • …social media and the internet are created for people to tell stories and to inspire. It is not the reality…
  • …the reality is YOU and how you want to live.


The photos were taken in Rapallo – a city in between Portofino and Cinque Terre, located in Italian Liguria. We were quite amused by the views from up the hill, where it is possible to get with a car. Once you are there, you won’t want to leave! The orange, red and yellow houses are probably a signature picture of Liguria.

Rapallo, unlike Portofino, has more of an approachable ‘appearance’, and is very tourist-friendly. You can buy a tasty wine or a delicious Aperol Spritz  in the food truck located directly on the promenade and sip it overlooking the Mediterranean sea and magnificent billion-dollar yachts.

I would recommend to take a walk along the coastline, step to the city and walk up the hill in order to fully enjoy this place. Don’t forget to get an espresso followed by extra dark hot chocolate gelato.

What do you think of a combination of baby pink and red? It’s one of the hottest trends of the S/S17. I was not quite convinced, but then I like this sort of unusual mix. I think the red top would also go with the baby pink culottes.

The key trends are :

  • Red + Pink Combo
  • Furry flip flops
  • Suede
  • Ruffles
  • Carmen style top
  • Mirrored Sunnies

Get Inspired :

Top – TOVA, get it here

Skirt – get similar here

Sunnies – HELLO MOJO, get FROM here

Bag – GUCCI, get it here

FlipFlops – get similar here




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  1. Such a great post, loved the SK II video as well! Oh, by the way, I really like this colour combo, it’s one of my favorites- and it looks fab on you 🙂

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