Three Days in Tuscany with a Bestie

It has always been my dream to visit Tuscany. I have been to Italy a number of times, but it is a large country, and my paths have never crossed this part of ‘the boot’. All of my trips ended up in somewhere else. I’ve been to Ligure, Venice, Verona, Lago di Como, Lago di Garda or Milano, but there is nothing quite like Tuscany if you as me (or if you ask us – I am sure Marita shares the opinion). It’s not exotic but has an incredible charm about it. The views are astonishing, the wine is perfect, the food is delicious and the people make the experience truly amazing!

Our trip was rather short. We landed on Sunday evening and came back on Wednesday, so it was only two full days of exploring really. I am sure we will be back – I have also planned to visit Firenze and Piza.



We rented a lovely Fiat500 from Goldcar. We assumed it would be the most ‘Italiano’ way of travelling πŸ™‚ It is small, but what else would you want for two ladies and some luggage? πŸ™‚ Goldcar, however, offers the whole variety of choices. I would definitely recommend taking an SUV if you travel in a group of 4 or a Cabrio to make your experience a bit crazier. Our FIAT500 was very easy to park and quite a pleasant to drive. And so Italian.


You will receive a 15% discount with the code: CARMELATTE15 if you book before the 31st of December 2018. Go get yourself a ride πŸ™‚


Follonico – Agriturismo

To me agriturismo means luxury. Tomasz and I have been to some amazing agri places in Liguria last year (click here), so I knew Follonico B&B will be something incredible, but I had no idea we will completely fall in love with this place! It is located ‘in the heart of Southern Tuscany’, about 1,5 hour driving from Florence. Follonico isΒ a charming and an authentic country house that would allow you to experience ‘the real Tuscany’ just as it is. Every room is beautifully decorated, with a touch of luxury and style. The rooms/suites have been inspired by the history and nature surrounding Montefollonico. Ours featured some fashion garments and accessories, such as basket bags and straw hats. So inspiring!

I think it is a perfect place to relax, escape the city, try out some really delicious country specialities including cheese and pastries for breakfast. As for the wine, it is hard to find a better tasting one!

Follonico is also an idyllic wedding spot, which I am going to write about in my next article.



Lunch in Siena

We headed for the so-called ‘capital of Tuscany’ in order to explore and have something Italiano for lunch πŸ™‚ We had some really tasty gnocchi followed by Chianti and gelato. Siena is in general quite charming and, to my impression, quiet in compare to the rest of touristic spots in this part of the world. I think it is worth to dedicate a full day of exploring the city. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time, but it was long enough to see the most important parts. I bought Vogue Italia as a souvenir – from myself to myself. Classic.




Luxury Hotel – Relais La Suvera

What would Tuscany be without a luxurious experience? Even one night at the luxury castle would make your Tuscan experience completed. We stayed at Relais La Suvera, which is a charming 17th-century castle located in Pivescola, around 30 km from Siena. In the 21st century Hotel Relais La Suvera is much more than simply a 5-star luxury hotel. Once an ancient medieval fortress later converted into a sumptuous Renaissance villa, through the genius of the architect Baldassarre Peruzzi. In 1508 it became the sumptuous residence of Pope Julius II while in the following centuries it welcomed his descendants and more recently the friends and relations of the Ricci family in its patrician halls surrounded by lush gardens, a splendid church, stables and a lovely farmhouse.

I especially like the pool area and an amazing back garden overlooking photogenic wineries and hills. It felt amazing to just sit there, chatting with my bestie and sipping their La Suvera house wine.

Wine and food could probably make your main reason for visiting Tuscany!

Relais La Suvera is also a perfect place for a wedding – whether it is a small ceremony or a huge event. They specialise in weddings and have done a lot of ceremonies. Make sure to check my next article for the info!


Exploring – C’asole d’Elsa


After a lovely breakfast at La Suvera (they offer quite of a choice!) we headed to a small village called C’asole d’Elsa to do a bit of exploring. We loved this place! It’s a tiny fortress located about 50 km from Florence and around 30 from Siena. It took us around 10 minutes drive from our hotel. The first buildings were built in the 12th century, and they are kept in a great condition. We had fun strolling around the narrow alleyways and the gardens. We even stopped by to have a small aperitivo at Bistrot Art& Wine, which appeared to be just opened and run by a lovely and passionate polish lady, Sylwia. Make sure to step by for a glass of Prosecco once in C’asole d’Elsa!



Sunset Walks

Are 3 days enough to see Tuscany? Of course not, but it is enough to spend a quality time with your loved ones and to reload your batteries ( a bit). I am not the fan of seeing everything at once – I prefer to portion exploring, especially in such a large country and a beautiful region like Tuscany. It is a place you have to enjoy, where the ‘slow travel‘ is more than appropriate, but there is so much to see at the same time! My romance with this part of the world has only just started!

I also encourage you to check out my other Italian destinations, such as Cinque Terre (click), Portofino (click), Milano, Bergamo and Verona(click) and Lago di Como (click).

Any recommendations where should I head next?



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  1. Tuscany looks gorgeous. The luxurious 17th century castle you stayed in looks incredible! The food looks amazing! I would love to visit a relaxing place like Tuscany. Thanks for sharing!

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