May 8, 2017 Claudia 17Comment

The purpose of going to Mallorca (for the first time) was not only to get some sunshine, but to shoot my Cartier Baiser Fou campaign. I was very excited about the opportunity to work with such a prestigious brand, and planned to do so in the north of the Balearic island. I not only disovered some amazing places ( which I am going to share soon), but had a very pleasant stay at EIX Alcudia Hotel. Cartier Baiser Fou means ‘a crazy kiss’, but this is not how I feel about this scent. It reminds me of the long mid-summer…

October 19, 2016 Claudia 8Comment

Finding a perfect winter coat is not easy. I keep experiencing the same problem every year – I tend to look for thousands of inspirations, street wear trends, catwalk trends and tones of fashion magazines. Not to mention about my trips to (oh no!) shopping centers. Fashionable coats anyone? The truth is – the key silhouettes stay similar, and they have been QUITE alike for at least two past A/W seasons. This is how they pretty much look this year: SUMMARIZING: no zip no buttons quite long bathrob like If you plan to invest more money, buy the black or beige version of…

June 7, 2016 Claudia

I officially name Santorini ‘an island for the bloggers’. Or a blogger island. I have been to Greece a few years ago and, need to admit, I was dissapointed about not seeing those white houses with the blue rooftops –  a signature of the Greek architecture. My desire to see them came true in May, as I headed to the magnificent Santorini. (more…)

May 24, 2016 Claudia

Fakt, że moda czasami “przegina” nie jest żadną nowością.  I, pomimo, że jestem ich fanką, nie będę pisać o najnowszych klapkach-kapciach Gucciego, bo z pewnością posiadają większą ilość wrogów niż zwolenników. Dobra wiadomość jest taka, że w sezonie S/S16 jest parę wiodących trendów, w których każda kobieta poczuje się modnie bez zbędnego eksperymentowania. (more…)

October 3, 2014 Claudia 16Comment

Hello from the South Bank from me and my vintage inspired outfit. I’m back to the capital of fashion for my last 7 months before I’ll finish my Bachelor studies and move to another amazing city which will probably be Berlin. I really appreciate the fact that I can coordinate my course with what I am actually doing in my spare time and at work. I can do my visual research /take photographs/ explore the city and prepare some new articles at the same time. I am planning to get more ideas and inspiration this autumn not only to gain…