January 26, 2017 Claudia 13Comment

I really do recommend shopping at &otherstories. Unlike ZARA and H&M, most of their stuff is well-tailored, with the use of better quality fabrics. There are, obviously, different kinds of polyester (so to say), and it does matter in terms of folding and an overall look of an item. Trend allerts are: different ‘edition’ of a leopard dress, stockings worn with dresses (seen at Maisonnée during Berlin Fashion Week –> click here), circle earrings, make-up ‘no make-up’     Get Inspired: Dress – get similar here Stockings – get them from here Boots – get similar style here

October 19, 2016 Claudia 8Comment

Finding a perfect winter coat is not easy. I keep experiencing the same problem every year – I tend to look for thousands of inspirations, street wear trends, catwalk trends and tones of fashion magazines. Not to mention about my trips to (oh no!) shopping centers. Fashionable coats anyone? The truth is – the key silhouettes stay similar, and they have been QUITE alike for at least two past A/W seasons. This is how they pretty much look this year: SUMMARIZING: no zip no buttons quite long bathrob like If you plan to invest more money, buy the black or beige version of…

August 18, 2014 Claudia 22Comment

The beautiful summer slowly comes to an end leaving us with the average of 20 degree and the last bits of sun. It’s time to start re-arranging the summer wardrobe and replace crop tops with long-sleeve tees , shorts with skinny jeans and so on. The(almost) past season’s trends were adorable ! White pieces with a hint of everything – from fruit prints to 90’s inspired  oversized garms. They will surely be ready to be used next year but they ,the way I see it, should be put back in the closet for the time period between October and April…

August 2, 2014 Claudia 12Comment

There are no rules in the fashion game right now especially when it comes to the fashion prints of 2014. Although I am a fan of the classic look I just love to experiment with the prints and different styles sometimes. Our decade is going to be full of fashion surprises! I mean following trends are  inspired by the 70’s , 80’s and the 90’s all together . It surely must be some sort of a crazy combination with a lot of choices for everyone. Today’s outfit , for example, is a mix of romantic/artistic mood , 80’s and 90’s(Birkenstocks)….