Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tour Guide For The First Timers

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the unofficial capital of Israel. It is where the business district with all the majority of banks is based. The city is simply ‘taken as’ the financial and technological center of the country. Tel Aviv-Jaffa is also the second largest city in Israel, and a very popular destination for the central European […]

Flower Power : London’s New Garden CafĂ© Trend

Here it is – the new trend that has just emerged and taken London’s Influencer scene by storm. Floral CafĂ© Trend. Last year it was the beetroot coffee with any kind of pretty pink cake, but in 2018 it is all about the interior and exterior. It the Instagram picture that counts these days – […]

Dead Sea and Masada Tour

Dead Sea has been on our bucket list for a very long time. For this reason we were really excited about our Israeli experience not only because we would get to see all the historial sights, but specifically for this unique experience. Drifting on the waters of the Dead Sea with the views of Jordan […]