FashionBloggerCafé THE ORIGINAL

Berlin Fashion Week is happening again. The fashion elite from all around the world has just come to Berlin to see the shows, to party, and to meet the people of the same interests. Unfortunately, this summer the Snapchat story you are planning to stalk, goes online from the creepy northern district, Wedding (instead of […]

The prettiest cars for Ladies

Today’s article is an effect of a collaboration between me and my second half, and we dedicate it to all the mid-twenties, who are currently hunting for a perfect (and quite affordable) car. I was seeking for a perfect car last year, after my graduation. I am a female being, so I took two factors […]

Overrated holiday destinations

Tak sobie myślę, że o podróżach niemal zawsze pisze się w samych superlatywach. Tam tak pięknie, tam cudownie,  to miejsce warto zobaczyć. Podróże to ciekawe i inspirujące, ale nie zawsze przyjemne doświadczenia. Postanowiłam przygotować  listę miejsc, które moim zdaniem są przereklamowane. Byłam, zobaczyłam i się nie zachwyciłam. Pamiętajcie – to jest moja osobista ocena, nie […]

Santorini – a blogger island

I officially name Santorini ‘an island for the bloggers’. Or a blogger island. I have been to Greece a few years ago and, need to admit, I was dissapointed about not seeing those white houses with the blue rooftops –  a signature of the Greek architecture. My desire to see them came true in May, […]