Hello and welcome to Carmelatte,

I am not really comfortable with writing about myself. I used to ask people to do it for me – this section has made me to make an exception. I sincerely encourage you to visit the main page of my blog and read any of my latest posts in order to find out who I really am 🙂

My name is Claudia. I can’t live without travelling. My passion has brought me throughout 40 countries and made me speak in four languages. I am still craving for more, and I suppose this is what I will aim to show on my blog. My bucket list starts with ‘I am going to see every possible country before I die‘ and this is what I progressively pursue. I also listed some must-do activities, such as swimming in the dead sea, skydiving and trekking Himalayas.

Apart from being a total wanderlust, I also enjoy fashion. I am a little obsessed with my handbags, so I love to talk about them. I have gathered my own tiny collection, and I constantly keep searching for more precious pieces. I have recently started to post some bag-related updates on my blog.

As for the educational background, I graduated from BA Fashion with Textiles, so Fashion will remain one of the most significant categories of my life. After I graduated and before I moved into blogging full-time, I worked as a fashion editor and as a social media manager. It undoubtedly has helped me to build Carmelatte the way you see it today.

In terms of Beauty, I admit I am not an expert, but I am a woman, so I enjoy my daily routine. I travel a lot, so I am after the best quality cosmetics that would help me look better in every climate. I like to share my findings with my readers, so you can expect to see some beauty posts on Carmelatte as well. I am also known for being a healthy and fit lifestyle enthusiast.



Thank you for being here!



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