March 7, 2017 Claudia 17Comment

Today’s post might appear somehow emotional, but it has always been my dream to experience Paris Fashion Week, and 2017 let the dream become true. I went to Paris to see some inspirational fashion shows, and witness how it is ‘made’ in the city of fashion ( in my opinion it remains the capital of fashion). Having experienced New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week as well as Berlin, Vienna and Prague, I admit it is Paris that influenced me the most. Everything was perfect, and not necessary fashionable, but incredibly chic. Chic and sophisticated. I wore Marina Hoermanseder outfit,…

January 19, 2017 Claudia 15Comment

This post is a quick update of what was happening during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, January 2017. We kicked off with Fashion Blogger Café event (June 2016 edition here). Just to recap – Fashion Blogger Café it’s a blogger networking day, organized by one of the most influential fashion base, It is meant to gather web and social influencers, get us to know each other, talk with the brands and their representatives, grab a coffee (or a drink) and eventually get our make-up or hair done by L’Oreal specialist. Cool stuff. This time it took place in Kreuzberg,…

November 30, 2016 Claudia 9Comment

As you might have already noticed, my blog was suspended throughout the whole November, but I kept being active on my main Social Media (make sure to follow me here). As I like the idea of the end-of-month summary, I decided to do it again.   Psss …Shop my Elie Beaumont watch from the header picture here. And the bracelet from Majique London here. #1 Mueller and Quinto Press Day, Berlin C.P. COMPANY | GOETZE | ISABEL VOLLRATH | MICHAEL SONTAG | NOBI TALAI | THE CORD | VLADIMIR KARALEEV | 22/4 HOMMES FEMMES   I saw a lot of…

September 4, 2016 Claudia 11Comment

I just got back from my first Bread&Butter by Zalando trade show event. As a press, I get invitations to the majority of fashion events, but this one was special. For the first time, Bread&Butter by Zalando was open to the public, breaking the circle of exclusivity, and empowering consumers to personally engage with fashion without guest lists. The tickets were available to buy online and outside the venue, and they were as little as 15€. (more…)

August 16, 2016 Claudia

I do get a lot of questions about which city I prefer, which one is better to live in, and which one offers more opportunities. There is no direct answer to this question, as it clearly depends on people’s preferences and needs. What are you looking for? A job? An entertainment? You will undoubtedly find them in both capitals. I cracked on it from a different point of view – I  evaluated metropolises under 10 different aspects. Aspects, that in my opinion, YUCCIES generation should consider in order to ensure themselves a decent life. (more…)