Top 9 Accessories For The Spring 2019

I have got some amazing accessories for the Spring/Summer 2019 I want to share with you. I have picked some timeless pieces I plan to pimp my retro looks with, and it turned out some of them are ‘IN’, which also means widely available online 🙂 I am aware I might repeat myself but I […]

Get Married in Sicily on the Valentine’s Day!

I have always wanted to visit Sicily. Italy is one of my favourite countries to pop in to, and I’ve heard a lot of good ‘stuff‘ about this particular island. After all – it is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea, which means there is a lot to explore. The island is mostly mountainous, and […]

5 Iconic Pieces of My Winter Wardrobe 2019

I actually can’t wait for winter to be gone but… I love creating winter outfits. There is nothing more elegant than layers, nothing cosier than cashmere or delicate wool, and nothing more comfortable than…winter boots! I love wearing summer dresses but being honest – winter outfits are much more demanding. I have found five iconic […]