Top 9 Accessories For The Spring 2019

I have got some amazing accessories for the Spring/Summer 2019 I want to share with you. I have picked some timeless pieces I plan to pimp my retro looks with, and it turned out some of them are ‘IN’, which also means widely available online 🙂

I am aware I might repeat myself but I am after the best quality materials, fabrics and timeless jewelry pieces. You would rarely see me in a high street chain jewelry, and I am not the fan of wearing plastic. I think a necklace or a chic pair of earrings make a great statement, and my accessories are often ‘the main point’ of my outfit.

I usually wear my Pandora, pearl or circle earrings on a daily basis but when I plan to spice my outfit up, and add it retro character I’d wear…..




Pearls. ‘But pearls are for tears, the old legend says,’. I don’t think they are ‘cheerful’ either but they make me look very elegant, feminine and they add an incredible feel of vintage to a tweed jacket, white shirt or U-neck dress. Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel (obviously!) or Audrey Hepburn – pearls would help accomplish THE look.

The pearls only look great when they are authentic – all the plastic ‘fake’ pearls ( which they are a lot this year) look lame, cheap and a bit vulgar. The Real sweet water pearls don’t have to be crazy expensive. It is more than you would pay on the high street but I can assure you – money well spent. Such necklace would serve you for years! I’d recommend to check Pearl Paradise.

Monogram Scarf

I wrote the whole post on how the 2000s are back and how they took the monogram trend with them (click HERE). I got myself a couple of vintage gems and I plan to wear them… for a long time, not only for their ‘IT’ season. My latest fav styling is the 60’s way. How do you find it?


Wide Brim Hat

I am a hat lady but the wide brim hats are my absolute fav. NOTHING adds such an amount of chic, glamour and retro! My hat is 100% wool and … a bit tricky to look after, especially on my travels. A hat box is needed, especially if you plan to buy more than one great quality luxurious hat. It is worth it!

Red Necklace

Some people can’t see the color red. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.’ Not the fan of red clothes? Get a red necklace!Glad to see the red jewelry is back too, it is a nice ‘top’ to a red lipstick-red nails look 🙂 Unfortunately, I won’t be able to afford an authentic coral for a long time but plan to purchase a couple of mineral stones and perhaps the ‘folk style’ wooden piece.

Vintage Chanel

I got this Chanel vintage in red in November but actually started to wear it this month, on my trip to Sicily. Can you believe this bag is around 25 years old? I love how such tiny detail adds this Chanel charm to my everyday look. It compliments dresses, jeans, leather jacket – the majority of ‘safe sets’.  I might feature a blog post on how to shop for second-hand Chanel soon, as it is my third one. It’s not as tricky as you think it might be!


I love the small neckerchief worn with the off-the-shoulder look or in an ‘office’ like a tube dress. It reminds me of Charlotte from ‘ Sex and the city’ and her style is something I would always look into. I’ve chosen the silk neckerchief from the Canadian brand Mischief, but I would definitely recommend looking for the silk ones in vintage stores. My sister and I went to Chelsea the other day, and I saw quite a lot of designer neckerchiefs for the Spring.

Vintage Fendi

I can’t believe I actually ‘inherited’ this Fendi from my mom. She didn’t want it anymore. I took it but never had had any idea on how to wear it until… I saw some ladies in Notting Hill like 3 years ago. This Fendi gem is one of my ‘bag besties’ ever since, and I am glad the monogram has its comeback. Vintage style for the win!

Scandi Style Watch

Believe it or not – this is the first watch I am wearing on a daily basis. No, it is not the first watch in my collection but I never really wore this particular piece of accessories. I’ve chosen to wear Mockberg, a Scandi brand. It’s timeless, classy and doesn’t look to… trashy.


I got myself a pair of Manolos lately. I’ve always wanted the classy pair, preferably in a ‘safe colour’, such as burgundy. I didn’t have a chance to wear them in winter but I’ve already sported them in several ways. They look fab in a blue jeans- white shirt combo, as well as paired with a ‘fluffy’ dress. Me likey!

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