5 Iconic Pieces of My Winter Wardrobe 2019

I actually can’t wait for winter to be gone but… I love creating winter outfits. There is nothing more elegant than layers, nothing cosier than cashmere or delicate wool, and nothing more comfortable than…winter boots!

I love wearing summer dresses but being honest – winter outfits are much more demanding.

I have found five iconic pieces I love(d) wearing this winter. I haven’t actually ‘discovered’ anything – I have re-freshened my wardrobe and bought some timeless pieces I plan to wear next winter as well.

I feel like it is the last winter fashion post this season as I have quite a lot of trips and fashion weeks planned – fresh, spring-inspired looks are much needed! Nevertheless, we have still got a month of winter left, so here are some tips:




I love cashmere for many reasons but no other luxuriant wool has this soft feel. I picked the caramel colour from the London Cashmere Company and been wearing it the whole winter. It looks great with the A-line skirt,a woollen mini or simply a pair of jeans. I get quite a lot of compliments from fashion-aware ladies, and I am in love with how elegant it looks (even the most wintery looks!). Cashmere is my absolute fav winter fabric.


EMU Australia

It is my second pair of EMU Australia – I am a great fan of the brand. There is no doubt that the iconic boots are one of the ugliest pairs I have ever had on my feet but yet they also manage to look incredibly great in my winter outfits! I like pairing them up with my skinny jeans as well as with the black tights- mini skirt combo. They keep me warm in the mountains, which is the most important feature of Emu Australia. This year I went for the ‘midnight’ colour of my Emu Stinger Mini. They are greyish on the outside and navy on the inside. I often wear them cuffed for the more cosy look. I am planning to get another pair now – they are on sale – the price is almost 50% off, wich is a lot!

Get the boots from here


Moon Boot

Second ‘ugliest’ shoes I have ever had, and equally amazing as the previously mentioned EMU Australia. I love how Moon Boot makes me look… slimmer! They look great with the skinny jeans, leggings, leather pants and paired with the puffer. I got this pair as a ‘test’ as the black Moon Boots were the cheapest version (around 70 EUR). I am thinking of getting the golden/silver version for the next winter. They are the best option for the ski trip, and look incredibly great in the majority of winter resort looks!

Get a pair of Moon Boots here


Camel Coat Vintage Cut

Camel coat – nothing extra, nothing new. I got this amazing woollen vintage coat in December 2018, and I keep wearing it for the meetings and events. It looks incredibly stylish paired with a nice belt, such as my Moschino. I love the fact this particular coat is oversized.

Italian Cape

I am a great fan of vintage looks in general – as you could probably guess from my blog or Instagram channel. So I would say this look is vintage, with a hint of Russia and… some Italian influence, as such capes were originally created in Italia long time ago. This coat was designed and made by my favourite fashion designer – my granny.❤️


Make sure to check my articles about my favourite shoes and outwear for the winter season. Perhaps it is the right time as there are still some great sales around. I always say it is worth to invest in timeless pieces, and I often buy at the end of winter. Saves quite a lot of $$$ 🙂


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