Why wear white in the summer and black in the winter?

The beautiful summer slowly comes to an end leaving us with the average of 20 degree and the last bits of sun. It’s time to start re-arranging the summer wardrobe and replace crop tops with long-sleeve tees , shorts with skinny jeans and so on. The(almost) past season’s trends were adorable ! White pieces with a hint of everything – from fruit prints to 90’s inspired  oversized garms. They will surely be ready to be used next year but they ,the way I see it, should be put back in the closet for the time period between October and April . Why do we actually wear white in the summer? Well, not because it’s the colour of innocence( it actually might have a little bit of an impact on it too). We wear white thanks to the most influential fashion designers  who choose that particular colour every S/S season for a very good reason – it reflects wavelengths of light rather than absorbing them . It not only looks much better in Vogue editorials but ,as it reflects the heat , it also helps to keep the human body cool. Black  ,on the other hand , absorbs the heat keeping us warm in the winter.And the current A/W  black trends are beautiful and sophisticated! The major trend which will be present on all hipster beanies and tees is called ‘black is the new black’.

I’ve got a feeling that this is one of my last white outfits this summer. I chose the white long-sleeve dress and combined it with  black  and white accessories as I wanted to create a very simple look and expose the assymetric hem which was meant to be the main accent. If there is something that will never ever go unfashionable or boring it’s the black and white combo. Also- the lack of accessories and simplicity makes the look very girly, delicate and innocent which looks great around the beautiful area of Potsdamm’s castle and parks. The capital of Brandenburg is definitely the place to be!

white dress with an assymetric hem 2

why wear blacvk in the winter and white in the summer

white dress with an assymetrick hem 4

yesfor dress

I was wearing : dress :Yesfor , bag : &otherstories , sandals :Venezia , jacket :madebymygranny<3

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