Santorini – a blogger island

I officially name Santorini ‘an island for the bloggers’. Or a blogger island.

I have been to Greece a few years ago and, need to admit, I was dissapointed about not seeing those white houses with the blue rooftops –  a signature of the Greek architecture. My desire to see them came true in May, as I headed to the magnificent Santorini.

The truth is, that there is a lot more to see in this world, and a lot more to be explored. Maldives, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. A small Greek Santorini (only about 90,6 m2), however, remains a popular and fashionable destination not only for the European people. Is it worth coming? Is it worth travelling across the world to experience a donkey ride or take the stairs to the famous port?

As a matter of fact, it is. I have never seen anything more divine and romantic in my life (sorry Phi Phi island). Fairytale itself. Also – there is absolutely no need to describe it, go and experience it yourself.

Santorini is also said to be a favorite destination for the bloggers. Well, no wonder! They can literally take pictures on every single corner and they will be Instagram-perfect.

The island also makes you feel like you are somewhere in between the past and the future.

Take a look yourself. My photos were all taken by my boyfriend with my iPhone. They are not professional, but there is something about them that makes them fairytale-like.

Ah, I have almost forgotten. I was wearing ZARA ‘off the shoulder’ top and my favorite Guess highwaisted shorts / zara jumpsuit / Armani little black dress /















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