Timeless jewellry that every woman should own

There are a few jewellry pieces that every woman should own in her case. A few years ago I used to spend the majority of my income on clothes and jewellry I didn’t really need. Looking back, there are only a few items I still want to wear. I got rid of all those ‘sale bargains’ and have in fact forgotten about them. I have now learned to shop. Have you heard about the slow fashion? It is a newly emerged philosophy, that engages people to plan their shopping. The rule is quite simple – the quality over quantity.

Slow fashion also matters when it comes to jewellry. I prepared a list of what you should look for in order to complete yourself  an ‘eternal backup’.  And summarizing you won’t spend a fortune, as those pieces will stay with you forever.

#1 Timeless Chanel brosche….

….. because nothing pimps your outfit up as good as ANYTHING from Chanel.


I: @elajza

#2 Pandora…

….because simplicity is a key to a perfect outfit. There is also so much fun about collecting beads and charms! Be careful not to loose control about it though 🙂



#3 Pearls…

…. are always perfect match to anything feminine and girly. Audrey Hepburn is a proof!



#4 A designer watch…

….is a perfect accessory and doesn’t require anthing else with it! Well.. maybe just a tiny little bracelet. You can get them quite cheap on Groupon, in a designer outlet outside or simply on sale. Money well spent 🙂


I : @veveshopbatam

#5 A silver neckless…

…is perfect for the minimalistic outfit!


I: @orientsilver





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