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Surviving Quarantine

Quarantine day 37264928… I have to admit I was quite worried about how the quarantine time would affect my self-confidence and how much my anxiety level would rise…. After all, I was raised in a ‘peaceful’ time and, unlike my parents, I have never experienced queuing down to the grocery stores, wearing masks on the streets and watching the world’s economy slowing down. It is hard, I don’t deny it.

However. I have a few good tips on how to make this period a bit better. After all – we have plenty of time to think about wellness, exercises, organize a home SPA or simply shop for some really effective beauty products. I would recommend CBD infused oils.

Today I am introducing ULU NATION – the new CBD brand.

You probably heard a lot about CBD lately, especially at the beginning of 2020. You might have seen it on the new labels of your regular beauty brands, on Instagram or perhaps in the news? What is all the fuss about and what is it exactly?

CBD, Cannabidiol, is a NON-intoxicating component of marijuana, extracted as a powder. It is NOT psychoactive and doesn’t cause the ‘high’ effect I know many people were concerned about it so no – CBD won’t make you tripping.


CBD is a medical substance sold in pharmacies but it is banned in some countries, such as Belgium and Slovakia. I was surprised to learn the UK, Poland and Germany are the TOP CBD consumers, while Bulgaria has issued its first authorization for a company to sell hemp-derived cannabidiol. Check if it is legal in your country HERE.

Not that long ago I featured an article about oral intake of CBD drops and gels. Today’s post focuses on two beauty products I have been testing for a few weeks.

ULU is a UK CBD company created to help ‘U love U!’ 🙂 As a summary. The brand provides an innovative range of high-quality full-spectrum CBD oils and skincare products. ULU was literally created to make people happy. (even their motto sounds ‘we help U love U’). Everything about this brand is cheerful – from the overall vibe, yellow/white packaging to the most precious ingredients. They use purest CBD oil in all their beauty products.

ULU Nation HAPPY body oil I am introducing today is moisturizing, which is so much needed after weeks of sitting at home and using antibacterial gels but also helps inflammation and redness. I am focusing on its moisturizing effects and I use a lot of it for my hands as they are super dry after all this disinfection.

How a beauty product could possibly make you happy? Well, in a way it does! It helps for a short while obviously and it could be a reason for a tiny smile on your face 🙂 First of all – luxurious smell! It has a bit of oriental, exotic scent with a hint of luxury. I personally love such scents, it definitely gives me some tropical vibes. Secondly, it really WORKS. I love the delicate feel the oil leaves on my skin. It is not too ‘oily’ (ironically) and doesn’t leave this sort of film on my body. It is a perfect finish to a SPA evening.

Have a look at more beauty products HERE. They have a wide range of skincare products and body balms.

*collaboration with the brand, all the opinions are my own.

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