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Travel Lover on a Lockdown

The new reality is our new everyday and there is nothing we can do about it. What we can do is to make our days happier, better and healthier in order to just enjoy the time we’ve got.

The days are longer, warmer and more bright so surviving quarantine is not a difficult task anymore.

Being a wanderlust is fun when you are able to travel. Being a wanderlust on lockdown is horrible, especially when you don’t feel understood by your loved ones. But hey! The good times will follow.

What do I do these days? I spend a lot of time outside, with my family. Luckily, my parents and parents-in-law have huge gardens where we can just enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and play with dogs.

What keeps me sane? I spend a lot of time in the mountains. A lot. I am lucky enough to live in Lower Silesian part of Karkonosze so I can escape anytime I want. I do it regularly, even every day. I also convinced my father in law to build a swimming pool in their garden. Like real boho-style swimming pool for us and the kids to enjoy during hot summer.

I am also planning to explore the surroundings in the upcoming weeks. We have a beautiful seaside, marvellous lakes and amazing little towns nearby. Perhaps 2020 it destined to explore my home country? I have seen so many hidden gems, places all over the world and even got married on the other side of the globe! I was always on a ‘no time for a home town’ mode and now it is time to change it ๐Ÿ™‚ I am trying to find the positives.

While travelling is not possible these days, culinary journeys are so on point! Polpo salad, grilled halloumi, shakshuka? There are those amazing dishes that will transport you to your beloved destinations in a flash!

As for keeping myself in shape and healthy, I was browsing for some brands that would offer the best products. What I was searching for was something easy to make or ready-to-eat, natural only ingredients, possibly no fat and sugar and…. of a good price ๐Ÿ™‚

To stay fit and healthy, especially during quarantine, I searched for a snack thatโ€™s easy to make or ready-to-eat, vegan, low in fat and no added sugarโ€ฆ.and of course at a reasonable price. 

I managed to find Swisse Me โ€“ the health and wellness company with a mission to help people celebrate life every day. Swisse Me aims to energise you throughout the day with delicious and nutritious on-the-go snacks. They are actually PERFECT for travelling but since it is not possible at the moment, I simply have them at home whenever I feel like getting a boost in the afternoon.

They have 3 ranges of smoothies: Start Me (Breakfast), Boost Me (Energy) and Replenish Me (Restore).

All of their Vegan Bundle flavours remind me of my beloved destinations out there.

Boost Me Ginger reminds me of the Maldives! The resort used to serve us ginger shots in the morning, as our day was fully packed with not only work but other activities such as snorkelling and cycling. Ginger shots were a huge trend back in 2019 but a smoothie version of it is sooo much tastier. Boost Me Ginger would not only give me an energy kick but also keep me full throughout the day.

Replenish Me Spirulina gives me Marbella vibes. This Spanish town is where healthy food is widely promoted and loved! There are loads of amazing cafes and restaurant serving superfood salads and smoothies. Spirulina and Chlorella are definitely the most popular flavours there. ‘Replenish me Spirulina’ would make a perfect snack after an amazing yoga session at Marbella Club.

Start Me Chia is a lovely breakfast blend, sort of similar to chia pudding. I love its consistency and the raspberry+blueberry combo. Chia seed comes from South America where I have never been but I remember Chia Pudding being a widely popular breakfast dish in the Bahamas. This little smoothie is a great solution for the active ones!

Boost Me Spinach is so Los Angeles! LA is the 4th largest vegan-friendly city and no other superfood like spinach! The taste of this little smoothie reminds me of amazing Santa Monica – it is where I first tasted Buddha Bowl with spinach and asparagus. There are loads of amazing vegan places out there and the ingredients in my Spinach smoothie remind me of all those places!

Start Me Cocoa is my favourite one. It is a breakfast blend but I could pretty much have it anytime. I was about to compare it to Zurich, the city of chocolate, but to be honest…. it reminds me of my New York. New York means Burger/Shakes take-away shops every corner. I remember we used to have a lot of chocolate shakes while cruising through Manhattan. Start Me Cocoa is equally delicious but no added sugar, low fat and… vegan ๐Ÿ™‚

Use my code CARMELATTE to get 20% off all Swisse Me products ๐Ÿ™‚

What makes me happier during the lockdown? I try to surround myself with fresh flowers – May is probably the most colourful Month of all! I love the smell of lilac, forest lilies, peonies as well as cherry blossom trees and rhododendrons! It helps a lot as it brings some great travel memories to my mind. Italian castles, Andalusia’s colours and Greek walls covered in flowers!

*collaboration post but all the opinions are my own

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