11 Autumn/ Winter 2018 Trends You Could Possibly Have in Your Closet

There are some things that would most likely never go out of fashion. Elegance, glamour, cosy – I don’t think the fashion world would ever give up on promoting classics.

2018 allows a lot – it looks like everything is trendy. Check, flowers, silver, burgundy, sequins, John Galliano and even the forgotten monogram!

It is always worth to invest in some good quality clothes and accessories (read more about it HERE). Whether it is a silk dress or a leather bag – it will probably last for more than one season. Is it the same with the so-called ‘seasonal items’? No, it is not. The McDonald’s shaped iPhone case by Moschino has already been forgotten. BUT. There are some A/W 2018 trends and tendencies you or your mom might already have in your closet! Moreover – they are timeless classics that would never go out of fashion, so don’t sell them on vinted once you’re bored. You might want to wear them in the future (if they are good quality and would last the test of time).


Remember the 90’s? You or your mom must have something made of cord in your wardrobes! 90’s cord is more delicate to the cord of 2018, but still super cool and easy to style with  some checked patterns and leather! I love the brown and purple blazers from the 2000s I found at my mother’s the other day. They look untouched and are 100% cotton.

Snake Print

Despite the fact autumn belong to the timeless sexy leopard, this year sees a huge competitor in snake inspired print! Everything is covered in snakesnik – from shoes to even aker boy hats! It dates back to the early 2000s and John Galliano. Perhaps you might find some cheeky snakeskin (fake snakeskin hopefully!) handbags or pumps in your mother’s closet? Snake print skirts are a thing – exactly as they were in 2000!


I wrote the whole post on how monogram experiences its renaissance in 2018. You could read more about it here. It does not look like it’s going to be out in the nearest years, so I would definitely invest in some vintage Dior or Fendi goodies! Saddle bag is literally everywhere these days (sadly, the fake ones are out too:( ), but the Gucci Hobo or a Fendi Baguette are a must as well! It HAS TO be vintage to be cool!

Leo Print on Color

As mentioned – every fall belongs to the iconic leopard print and the most autumny colour – burgundy! This year, designers decided to combine these two trends and introduced… a leopard print on color. Again. This is a throwback to … Gwen Stefani era! Are there any No Doubt fans out here? You might have some colorful animal print in your wardrobe if you were born in the 90’s! I am sure they would look really great combined with some chic and classy items, such as trench coats, woolen hats and black leather bags!

Leather (leather everything)

No, it isn’t anything new, but leather is so much more these days. Leather pencil dresses are worn as a daily wear in 2018. They are combined with leather jackets, leather boots and most likely leather bags and baker boy hats. I am sure you, fashionnistas, have at least two leather items in your closet. 2018 wants you to wear all your leather pieces at once!



Timeless classic you have to have in order to make your wardrobe autumn perfect. Cape was on trend a couple of seasons ago, but 2018 pays a huge tribute to this 1930’s iconic fashion statement. Are you not keen on seeing what your granny has in her closet? I am sure at least one of your super chic family member has got an amazing woolen cape in their wardrobes! How to style such cape? It looks great in a casual look with jeans and pencil skirts!


Sequins are worn with cosy knits this fall. I personally love this trend! You might have some forgotten New Year’s Eve dress-up you didn’t wanted to sell – now you can wear it for lunch. Combine it with something super cosy, such as cosy knitwear, long sweater or over-over-oversized scarf.


Tweed-looking jackets from Zara, I mean. If you are lucky enough to own one tweed jacket you must never get rid of it. It is such a timeless classic! It would never ever go out of date! These days you can style it with everything – from casual jeans and cotton tops to white shirts and pearls. 2018 is the year of tweed!


Pearls + tweed are my favorite combo of October 2018. I just came back from Paris Fashion Week, so it couldn’t end up in a different way. Coco Chanel and her influence, you know. Pearls are going to become suuuuper trendy, so I would definitely ask your mom/granny/mother-in-law whether they have some lovely jewelry pieces they want to loan.


Faux Fur

I am so proud of what 2018 brought! The most influential fashion houses, such as Gucci and John Galliano, Calvin Klein, Versace, Stella McCartney vowed to keep the real fur off the catwalks. It is working! Only just this year the fur production was banned in California and the most influential models, such as Anja Rubik take parts in animal friendly campaigns. While it would never become possible in the 2000s, 2018 sees a birth of a new tendency – FAKE FUR ONLY! Well done!

Would you have it in your closet? It was a real ‘boom’ in the 2000s. It was on the mankets of coats, collars and it was used in many Ushatka-inspired winter hats. It’s time to get those goodies out of your closet. Fake fur jackets have been a thing for the past couple of seasons too. I especially love(d) the ones from Zara and Bershka. They are great quality and still look really chic!


Silk Scarf

Silk scarf is such a timeless classic. It is my fav accessory of 2018! As you might have noticed – a silk scarf is not really worn as a silk scarf in 2018! It is now worn as a hair tie (see Instagram for a reference), wrapped around wrist (super stylish) or wrapped around the bag Hermes-style! I went for a good old-school tie this time. I actually got this lovely scarf from Misheo. It was handmade with love in Canada and I just had to take it to Paris Fashion Week with me! A small detail, but ‘does the job’!


Silk – Misheo (use my code : carmelatte10 for an extra 10% off at the check out!)





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