7 Trendy Outwear Garments for A/W 2018

The fall time has always been my favourite period of the year in terms of fashion. I think there is nothing more effective than a good pair of long boots paired with a cosy knitwear and wrapped up with a stylish, good quality outwear. Cape coats, tweed jackets, faux fur? I never just go for one model.

I am a fan of coats and jackets, I must admit. I always tend to buy the best quality outter garments so they would serve me for years. At present, I could wear a different outwear for 28 days. There are, however, some styles that are my favourite outfit elements for this autumn.

I recently uploaded a blog post on 2018 trends you could possibly have in your wardrobe and I feel it does correspond to the majority of garments I decribe in today’s post. I am aware jackets are rather an expensive part of the fall/winter shopping and some people prefer to buy a cheaper outwear in order to replace it with a new one every year. Fair enough. I am, however, after quality and long-lasting items so you won’t find the ‘seasonal’ plastic trend or the fast fashion in my post. Some samples I present in my article today are newly emerged trend of the season, but most of them could make an investment piece for years to come. Nevertheless, I always encourage people to invest in quality – natural fabrics, high-end quality and ‘safe’ colours.


1. Corduroy Coat

Who would have thought I will become an eager fan of corduroy. This ’70s-style ridged fabric has long been the uniform of academics and the menswear, but this autumn, it’s been given a fashion makeover! Corduroy is such a great fabric to style with the cosy knitwear, cashmere scarfs and long boots. It looks great in both – glamour and casual aesthetics. This fall I went for the caramel coat and I have plans to style it up with the IT accessories, such as baker boy hat, Burberry scarf and the overknees.  It has this great vintage feel about it so it would also look fantastic combined with the monogram trend – with the little Fendi bag for example. While the fabric will last forever the trend itself might not. I still think it is worth to invest in a very good quality cord items and keep it for the future. Trends come back unexpectedly fast – as you can see.

Long boots are from Cara Shoes, get them here

2. Corduroy Jacket

Your grandma’s favourite fabric is back for good! So the whole ‘corduroy craziness’ started in 2017. I remember watching the catwalk shows in September 2017 – it was the Prada corduroy set that stole my heart! It was destined to hit the streets and become the new ‘it’! I have given all my denim jackets a season off – for some reason the cord wears so much better this year. This jacket one has a slightly lighter colour and is lined with a faux fur. This beige sample would look great combined with burgundy elements, such as scarfs, bags or rich coloured knitted beanies. Pick autumnal shades and sharp Seventies cuts and wear it in an oldschool way!

3. Faux Fur

I am so happy some of the most powerful fashion designers have just declared to ’employ’ faux fur instead of the animal fur they have previously used. Following ‘the eco trend’ (if I can say so), the fur farms have been banned in some counties, such as Austria, Croatia and the US California State. The truth is the good quality artificial fur looks equally great. The world of fashion have started to realize it – late is better than never. The independent fashion designers promote the eco fur on Paris Fashion Week, while the mass high street chains, such as Zara offer some really great quality faux fur jackets in the majority of ‘it’ fall hues. In small cities, coloured fur might still be considered ‘controversial’, which undoubtedly disinclines some ladies from buying it. Such a shame! Coloured fur adds a hint of fun to grey and usually rainy November! It looks great as a main element of the look. Paired with the leather creates a perfection!

4. Cape Coat

I am obsessed over this sleeveless outer garment! Capes have always been a symbol for… superheroes, such as Batman or Superman. In the 1930’s the cape was worn by the most stylish Hollywood icons and in the 50’s by Marilyn Monroe. It had its soft comeback in 2014/2015, but it really made it to the top this year! The cape looks its best paired with the long boots and long gloves! A beret would add a vintage feel to the outfit while a beanie would make it look modern. I recon it is a must-have and not just for this year!

Long boots are from Cara Shoes, get them here

5. Heritage check

A heritage-inspired check was seen on the catwalks of the most influential fashion designers, such as Balenciaga, Fendi or Erdem. It might not be super revolutionary, but I think it is a must-have for the fall.  First of all…it is long – what better for the rainy weather? It’s also a great way to add a masculine edge to floral midi dresses and pleated skirts. It has an ‘English countryside’ feel about it and would look great with the Hunter wellington boots. This particular brown(ish) heritage check is widely available from the high street and the markets, such as Portobello Market in London.

6. Long Leather Coat

Most of us own a leather biker jacket but this season the hard-wearing fabric is making its way onto longer, more tailored styles. For autumn/winter 2018, leather coats were shown at the likes of Loewe, Marni and Miu Miu in an array of colours, from classic black to rich autumnal hues like burgundy and creamy brown. I have my ‘immortal’ bottle green leather coat bought on sale in Austia ages ago and it still remains one of my autumn favs. Leather looks its best… solo! A good pair of shoes and a great bag is enough to make this iconic piece look perfect!

7. Tweed Jacket

A ‘girl boss’ trend. It is undoubtedly a perfect style for the warmer days, but also a must-have of the season. ‘Tweed’ is seen everywhere in 2018! I have chosen a great quality tweed jacket from Max Mara and I definitely plan to wear it for years! It looks amazing styled up in a glam rock way – with the leather accessories and pants as well as some ‘rockstuds’. It would also ‘do a job’ in November – paired up with a cosy jumper it would keep you warm on your way to work.

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