8 Amazing Independent Fashion Brands To Support

To begin with – this post was my idea. It is not sponsored by the brands, however some of the items were previously gifted or are a part of my current summer campaigns.

I decided to create this article in order to introduce you the independent fashion brands you could possibly support this summer. After all – 2020 is about supporting small businesses. Now it is time to re-think our retail choices and start caring about ethical fashion.

The businesses I am introducing today are all ethical brands, with the full attention on quality not quantity. The price point is a little bit higher than the high street but there is a reason behind it – whether it is a swimsuit, a pair of earrings or a silk dress, all the pieces are handmade with love, the materials are all great quality and the local businesses are supported, which means you would not only pay for the item but for the history behind it.

  • TwoGreenStones

Earrings are my obsession so let me start with an amazing jewellery brand from Australia. I found Two Green Stones while searching for some safari pieces before my trip to Kenya. Clearly – these pieces are not only safari. They really are something else.

Two Green Stones is an Australian jewellery brand for ladies. They create nature-inspired pieces that embody natural spirits. Their earrings, bracelets and belts are made of semi-precious stones, reconstructed stones, sterling silver, gold plated silver findings and leather. Each piece is handcrafted with love and one of a kind.

I have chosen their ‘Evolution’ clip ones to style this summer. I love them for their uniqueness, leather and gemstones they are made of and a direct reference to Mother Nature. The design is inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape and butterflies. I am sure they will compliment the majority of summer outfits. Perfect example of a slow fashion item! Go and check them out!

  • Kandumathi

Kandumathi is an amazing Maldivian swimwear brand, owned by amazing Yasra and her siblings. What makes it really special? First of all, it is produced in the Maldives, and the print inspiration is taken from the Maldivian culture and its environment. Moreover, the pieces are created in collaboration with the local artists, and the prints are based on watercolour paintings. I have a few pieces, and I am sure all of them would serve me for years to come! Great quality, unique prints and ethically made pieces. Great brand to support this summer!

  • Spirit Sarai

Spirit Sarai is a great finding of 2019! 98% of their pieces is upcycled, made of sustainably sourced materials, such as….vintage Indian garments! Some styles were also made from rejected fabrics/ garments. I will be showing you more of these wonderful pieces this summer. Check them out!

  • Ridley London

Ridley London is a high-end clothing brand from London. The brand is owned by Camilla, who is a textile and print designer. After 30 years in the fashion industry, she decided to create something of her own. The majority of Ridley London prints remind me of a ‘luxury countryside’, romantic meadows, Cotswold houses, and I really love the retro vibe about them. All of Camilla’s dresses are romantic, feminine and yet so lightweight. Timeless and great quality pieces are always valuable and worth its price. They would never go out of style, and the fabrics (the majority of dresses are 100% silk) are really long-living.

  • Jekkah

Jekkah is a brand I found at Camden Market in London but I saw they have a website and a lovely Instagram account so I needed to list them here. So Jekkah is a streetwear brand that promotes African fabrics and colours. They design and manufacture in the Gambia using 100% cotton African Wax Print materials. When you buy any item by JEKKAH you are actively supporting and making a difference to Gambian people.

  • Pure Leaf

‘PureLeaf is a tribute to detail, not to mention individuality and personal expression.’

Pure Leaf is a sustainable jewellery brand from Denmark. I found their Instagram account and have immediately fallen in love with the leaf-shaped pieces! The bracelet I am wearing on the pictures below is one of a kind, and I treat it as a real piece of art, not just jewellery! It gets quite a lot of compliments! Despite the leaf shape being quite visible, it is yet so delicate and versatile – it suits the majority of my outfits. I also have 3 pairs of earrings, each of which are unique, timeless and feminine. They are all handmade, which means you won’t find a lot of them-likes on this planet. Slow fashion in its best.

Pure Leaf pieces are made with love in Brazil, where the local families are hired in order to help stabilize income distribution. The Brazilians help in the manufacturing process by helping to collect, dry and skeleton the organic material used in the jewellery production. As for the materials – they are all organic. The base is coated in 18 carat gold – either black or white or gold. The brand cares a lot about ethical production, nature and cherishes the environment. Are you after something unique, timeless, versatile and also ethically made? Check this brand out!

  • Nita Suri

Nita Suri is a Spanish luxury handbag brand. They are known for their unique shapes – all pieces are inspired by architectural sights. The bag I am wearing is called ‘PILO’ and despite its higher price, it is so well-made with huge attention to details and …. surprisingly a lot of space inside! Unique handbags alert!

  • NÜ Denmark

I only found NÜ Denmark last Month but I already own a few items. The fabrics are the best quality viscose with some interesting prints. The pants are well-tailored with huge attention to finishings so they fold beautifully against the body. Can’t wait to show you the dress! This brand is definitely worth your time and money.

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