Italy 2020 – Timeless Summer Wardrobe

I was browsing through my 2019 photos and I realised my wardrobe hasn’t really changed. I am not only wearing the same dresses on an everyday basis but my accessories, shoes and fabric choices remain the same. I could pretty much upload some photos from last year and pretend it is from a week ago. Great. It means I am doing something right, and my clothes just don’t go to waste. I am proud of myself.

But it is not like I am not getting anything new – I do! I only care a lot whether the pieces are ethically made, the fabric are natural (or ‘half natural’ like viscose) and the designs are timeless so I can still wear it is 5 years.

So here I come with some wardrobe updates. I went to Italy a week ago so let me show you some of my current fashion choices. It is not going to be something super revolutionary but let me tell you – timeless items of great quality are a goal!

Let me start you from ‘linen everything’ – a midi white dress from Le Contour, which is an Australian/international ladies fashion brand. The dress I have chosen is not 100% linen which means it won’t crease as much and it is easier to maintain than my usual 100% linen items. I was quite surprised by how just a hint of rayon would give the lightweight feel to a usual ‘heavy duty’ linen. The dress is quite minimalistic but this is what I like about it – you can play with the accessories in order to give it a mood you want.

As for the rest of LeContour designs – they offer classy&comfy, timeless and elegant dresses. The majority of their designs are inspired by the high end but made with love in limited numbers. Apart from daily wear they also have the whole lovely office collection – tube dresses with a twist and ‘smart frills’. Check them out!

I also went for boho style this time – although it is not something I would wear on a regular basis. We were staying in a wonderful place in Monopoli, it had a lovely boho interior so I thought I’d wear something matchy for this occasion. Some skirt and frilled dresses were borrowed from Dominika, who is obsessed with boho fashion.

As for the jewellery, I wore my sustainable 18k gold-plated pieces from Pure Leaf. I wrote about this ethical brand under THIS LINK. I love how the leaf-shaped bracelet and stunning earrings compliment my boho looks for the summer! Just marvellous!

Pure Leaf pieces are made with love in Brazil, where the local families are hired in order to help stabilize income distribution. The Brazilians help in the manufacturing process by helping to collect, dry and skeleton the organic material used in the jewellery production. As for the materials – they are all organic. The base is coated in 18 carat gold – either black or white or gold. The brand cares a lot about ethical production, nature and cherishes the environment. Are you after something unique, timeless, versatile and also ethically made? Check this brand out!

I also went for the lovely ‘vintage’ printed viscose dress from Nu Denmark. I am a big fan of such unusual timeless prints and comfortable designs! I am sure the dress is going to stay with me for ages!

I am also a big fan of tube dresses. Does it mean I am getting old? Such bodycon dresses are my favourite choice for the summer nights out, dinners and outdoor parties. I styled my 100% silk dress from Boden with a maxi straw hat (once again my favourite summer accessory). I love how the straw gives a little bit of an effortless summer vibes to such an elegant piece.

The other alternative is a classy turban, although I realized it is quite…. controversial. I received some, so to say, various comments on my Alerobello turban look. Nevertheless, I think it is super stylish, underlines feminine arms, jewellery and also – it is so comfortable during windy weather! I am attaching a lovely YouTube channel where the beautiful pin-up lady teaches how to tie such turban (and much more!)

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