Wearing Proper Clothes Again – Post-Pandemic Fashion/ Summer 2020

I am constantly repeating myself but I am not a trend-orientated person. I no longer shop on high street, I support sustainable brands and small businesses ( HERE is my latest article about it), I shop for pre-loved and I care a lot about fabrics and if the pieces are ethically made. This is, the way I see it, the biggest ‘trend’ I can tell you about, and encourage you to introduce into your life.

There are summer pieces that will come back every season, and …. to be honest I went for the classics this year. My usual choices are slightly different and I realised I needed a lot more colour in my timeless wardrobe.

Floral Dresses

Groundbreaking, isn’t it? I was never really into florals THAT much but I guess the past lockdown made me crave for some colours. I got a few fabrics as soon as the shops were opened, and a few feminine dresses, only to realise I ended up with quite a ‘floral collection’. How is it timeless and unique? Well, it is definitely not unique but all of these dresses are made of great quality fabrics, such as silk, viscose or cotton, so I imagine (and hope) they will serve me for years to come. Moreover, the print on all of them is quite neutral so it will never go out of fashion. Also, I went for retro-inspired pieces.

Millennial Pink

I guess this is another past-lockdown effect 🙂 I went for millennial pink accessories and garments, such as delicate cashmere jumpers, bags and shoes. I have the whole collection of pink sandals and wedges this year! Even my comfy, usual navy or caramel, Birkenstock are pink this year. I think a hint of millennial pink makes my summer outfits more delicate and cheerful. Not too much, not too pink. Perfect.

Statement Earrings

I love underlining outfits with an interesting pair of earrings or clip ons. A good pair of statement earrings would always make a plain outfit really interesting.

This summer I discovered Two Green Stones, an Australian jewelery brand for ladies. They create nature-inspired pieces that embody natural spirits. Their earrings, bracelets and belts are made of semi-precious stones, reconstructed stones, sterling silver, gold plated silver findings and leather. Each piece is handcrafted with love and one of a kind.

I have completely fallen for their ‘Evolution’ clip ons <3 They are a perfect addition to white + beige looks while theIR super-lightweight ‘Stolen Moonlight‘ studs would match pretty summer dresses or casual looks giving them this sort of ‘safari exotic’ tone. An outfit is never completed without a good pair of earrings!

White + Beige

My Classic summer combo, nothing new and nothing revolutionary but it always works. On a hot day, I wear such look with a straw hat, sun visor or a basket bag to make it more summery. ‘Contemporary oatmeal’, ‘stony ground’, ‘vanilla’, ‘soybean’ – every possible shade of beige is summery. Elegant ladies absolutely love such color combination, although it might not be the mix that makes pale people look particularly pretty. Timeless, classic, elegant and incredibly stylish – this is what I think of white and beige combination.


Ethnic, boho or gipsy was never really my style but I am trying some new looks on me. I like how the fuchsia compliments linen and gold so I might experiment with this style a little bit more in the future.

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