My Retro Looks – October Outfits

October treated me really well – I visited Porto, Tuscany and the weather in Poland has been great so far! 23 degrees, sunny and no rain (mostly). It is the weather I love the most.

The Golden Fall, especially in Mediterranean countries, allows creativity in terms of fashion. Such weather calls for cosy jumpers but no tights, sleeveless tops but with long pants, long sleeve dresses with sandals. The options are many!

What Claudia wore this October?

Tweed Jackets

I have around five tweed jackets but only 3 of them are of a really great quality.

I used to shop for ‘tweed jackets’ in ZARA. They always offer quite a wide range of great designs but unfortunately of not really great quality. So the 50/60 euro jackets last for one season – it seems a bit pointless. I always shop quality over quantity.

The most amazing tweed jackets I have in my collection at the moment are from Weill Paris. Weill Paris is a French brand that has been on the market since 1892 but entered the international market in 2018. From Russia and the Middle East to Asia, upon entering the international market, Weill was met with great success. I am proud to be working with the brand with such a great history!

My two jackets are versatile – I wear them in both a casual and elegant way. They are of a higher price range but the quality is worth the price. Weill jackets will serve you for years! Shop for the red one HERE.

I am in love with the bottle green colour and with the fastening details of my THAIS jacket by Weill. This collection was inspired by the 1960s charm and beauty of French classics such as Catherine Deneuve and Jean Seberg.

Amazing feather boots from AGL – the must-have accessory of the season!

Green Dresses

Green is the color of nature, life and hope but it is also associated with jealousy, greed and banking. To me it symbolises new hope and peace of mind. I love surrounding myself with Green – whether it is interior (recently re-decorated our bedroom) or fashion. Green calms me down and works well on my soul. I have always loved the color but this year… I went crazy at the fabric shop!

All the 4 green dresses from this post are designed by me. I was inspired by the 1930s and 1940s – whether it was length, sleeves or neckline. I wanted to create a series of feminine and classy dresses I could wear forever. I have chosen the best quality fabrics – the first dress is made of 100% Italian silk.


The way I see it, nothing can beat cashmere sweaters in the fall! I am in love with my two mongolian cashmere pieces I got from London Cashmere Company. The brand was launched two years ago but they just started with an online shopping. Not only the price is very attractive but the quality is really amazing. I especially recommend CAMDYN roll neck sweater. I have two of them, and I pretty much wear them for any occasion.

Retro Looks

I have gathered quite a large collection of retro and vintage dresses. I got my vintage dresses online, and they are mainly 100% silk. The purple and burgundy dresses from today’s post are designed by me, and I was inspired by the 1930s and 1940s again as these are my two favourite periods in fashion. I watch quite a lot of costume movies and look for inspiration in documentary books as well as on Pinterest. In general, I am a fan of large collars, bow collars and open back details which you can probably tell from my outfits. I also went for an open back for my wedding dress design. I think they add the ‘old times’ feel to the whole outfit and make me look very elegant. Less is more.

I also enjoy wearing smart pants this season. I paired my simple red pants with Spirit Sarai top. 98% of all their styles is upcycled, made of sustainably sourced materials from vintage Indian garments. They also use reclaimed fabric that was discarded by the fashion industry. I love supporting eco brands! Nothing goes to waste these days!


I have fallen in love with this colour. It might not be the easiest to wear but with the neutral base, it will create a perfect Fall outfit 🙂 So far, I have only a jumper and a satin set from this color but it will definitely not be my last.

*The article is partly sponsored by the brand. All the opinions about the garments are my own.

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