Hats For The S/S 2019

I am a huge fan of hats, as you could probably tell from my logo and the majority of my Instagram photos. My hats don’t only protect me from the UV but also compliment my style in the best way.
It does not matter if you think of an alternative form of sun protection or a potentially stylish wardrobe addition – a summer hat is a fine investment for the right head.


I know this trend is not practical, not necessary and not…easy to wear but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! XXL oversized straw hat was boosted last year by Jacquemus, which is now the most covetable fashion brand. This season sees a lot of XXL hats on high street and they are of surprisingly great quality! I saw some really cool ones at Mango (not sold out yet) and Reserved. I wrote about this trend last Month. Mine one is not ‘too oversized’ so I wear it quite often.


By retro I mean the one with the tie. I saw this hat at Krasnova Modiste, an online retailer, last year but it went sold out quite quickly. I got mine at ASOS in March this year, and I wear it quite a lot and in two ways ( on my hear and as an accessory tied up on my neck)


Lavender is the colour of the season. Again. I love this trend on dresses, tops and skirts but I also adore purple accessories, such as hats. I got this hat from my husband in Santorini last year. It is made of a special kind of grass and it was originally juicy purple shade. I got the faded-out one on purpose as I love the retro look of it. I think the red-purple combo is always a great (but controversial) idea. You could find a similar style at Krasnova Modiste or Fiona Benett.

Raffia Baker Boy

Baker boy hat was the most popular style last season. It might not be the ‘IT’ hat this year but it teamed up with raffia in order to create a really fantastic option for the warm summer days. Raffia-made accessories are not only eco but look really sophisticated with the feminine base, such as romantic dresses or total white looks. Get one here.

Beige/White Tons

With the growing popularity of an online store called Lack Of Colours and their beige/white aesthetics, it was natural that this trend will expand to the high street. I got mine one from an independent store while Domi got hers at New Look. It compliments all white looks and looks incredibly stylish in the white-beige combo (this year’s IT style).

Moroccan Style

Are you travelling to Morocco this year? Get one of those hand-made straw hats! They are really great and unique. The fact that they are made of straw makes them really stiff and quite easy to travel with ( it doesn’t crease at all).

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  1. I know!! Hats are back! There was a time in fashion history where a woman would never walk out the door without a hat. They may not be the case today but hats are big and not just in winter. I always where a hat at the beach to keep the sun off my face.

    Allie of

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