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Summer in Karkonosze, Lower Silesia

I decided to take a little travel break and stay at home with my husband and Kryśka. I am fortunate enough to live in an amazing place but I have never had enough time to fully explore it.

I really enjoy the long walks. I am blessed to be living in the mountains – an area simply ‘designed’ for the long walks. There are the whole loads of amazing places around my hometown but Podgórna Waterfall is one of my favorite. There are five or six major waterfalls, which are considered main tourists attractions in the area but this one is less known. It has a small creek which you can jump in to. It was 5 degrees on that day, super refreshing activity to do 🙂

There are also the whole loads of mountain hostels and restaurants in the area. ‘Pearl of the West’ is, the way I see it, the most magical one. It is also easy to reach from the city centre and the views are breathtaking! We pop in for a glass of wine with the view.

I also have to mention, this place is a perfect place for boutique weddings. They don’t have a large capacity (70 people) but for the ones seeking for an idyllic place for ‘I do’ , give them a call.

Karkonosze is also known for being ‘the valley of castles and palaces’ which I even wrote about in November ’17. Most of the wonderful 18th-century palaces are converted into… luxury hotels. I think it is a must-do while in the area! The average night is a cost of around 120 euro. You can also pop in for a lovely lunch, dinner or a glass of wine with the view!

I have found this idyllic 1912 hotel while browsing through my Instagram lately. Fregata seemed to be a perfect place for a weekend escape – exactly what I was looking for! I am reading a book on how people spent their vacation before the outbreak of the World Was Two, so I was happy to discover such old place with a soul. My sister in law and I went there for one evening, and we have fallen in love with its vibe. The hotel is kept in a great condition, especially the wonderful wooden terrace overlooking lake Bystrzyckie. They also have SPA and wellness facilities and the rooms are decorated in a retro way. I will be back for sure!

Kalevala is a new place on Karkonosze’s map. It was opened by a lovely couple, who are passionate about Finland, Lapland. The visitors sleep in one of those white tents, and they have the whole resort for themselves to explore. There are two finnish-style saunas (but the real wooden ones!), Moomin house, two cute husky dogs and… two reindeers. It is a perfect place for a group of friends, and for people with kids. We went for a tour with my cousin, sister in law and their kids. They loved it as much as we did!

Wooden Rose resort is a must-see on Karkonosze’s map. I think it would make a perfect place for a weekend trip or a bachelorette/hen party. The modern design and a great location make this place really… idyllic!

The best place to dine in Karkonosze? We love Aquakultura in Podgórzyn, not too far away from Karpacz. Not only the view is astonishing but the food, mostly fish, is mouthwatering as well. I especially love the black dumplings

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  1. This is the first time I here about this place, and even though I’m more of a beach person, I want to visit soon. This is so beautiful!!! So free! It looks like paradise. Thank you so much for sharing!


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