August 6, 2018 Claudia 17Comment

‘All White Everything’ might actually be nothing special, but it is my favorite summer habit. As soon as the temperature hits the magical 20 degrees I drag my white wardrobe out. Or at least I used to – I have all my white wardrobe out because I travel all year round these days. To me ‘white’ portraits: the innocent, the femininity, the elegance, the pure. It is one of my favorite shades in both interior design and fashion. A good white dress does not require a lot of accessories and the immortal white shirt + shorts does not even need…

September 14, 2016 Claudia 27Comment

The weather forecast guy on the radio just informed me it’s the last day of a great weather, so I decided to head outside and shoot my the end of summer #ootd. I like wearing boring clothes, but as a fashion editor I have seen far too many werid fashion shows to just stay fashionimpassive. I also encourage you to be more creative this fall. Why? (more…)