One Day in Boston with YOTEL

Boston is one of the best and friendliest cities I have ever been to.

I have already heard the same opinion a couple of times, but I tend to check everything out myself.

The funny thing Bostonian(s) say is : Do not ever compare Boston to NYC, which is quite funny, as it is the first thing I came up with after seeing the skycrapers skyline from the harbour. It turned out I was wrong, as apart from some architectural features Boston does not remind of NYC – different vibe, different culture and the loveliest people in the world!

Where did we stay? We slept in one of the most unusual places we’ve ever been to.

Yotel is an affordable luxury hotel, inspired by the luxury airlines and offering comfortable cabins (the rooms are super tiny, but you would be surprised how cosy!). The experience of staying in YOTEL gives guests time to enjoy themselves – that is for sure. The most important features?

Definitely the self check-in service! It was my first time trying to check myself in, and I think it’s saving a lot of time and makes the whole process easier.

What was also innovative? Yotel’s adjustable smart bed – the bed transforms from a classic bed to sofa, which could not be more convenient during the day!

Apart from that, there is an in-cabin technowall with the adjustable lighting (reducing jet lag!) and every cabin is equipped with a super fast WI-FI.

It takes around 10 minutes (!!!) to get there from the International Airport and it’s for free with the Silver Line (bus), and around $6 with Lyft. It was the easiest and quickest way from the airport in my entire life.

The location of YOTEL is a big plus, not only in terms of getting there from the airport. The hotel is placed just steps away from Boston Harbour and around 25 minutes walking from the city centre.

My personal favorite feature is the Sky Lounge with the magnificent view! Not only I am the fan of rooftop bars, but the food they serve was the best I have ever had in America ( healthy option, you know). It allowed us to experience the best chill-out time after the long flight and the best way of beating jet lag.

Recommended for :

  • business travels
  • couples
  • people seeking for luxury for an afforable price
  • single travellers



We had two days in Boston, but the actual time of the ‘real sight seeing’ was about one day.


Yes, I think it is possible to see quite a lot in just one day. You won’t be able to explore the whole city, but it’s ok to mark the most important sights, such as:

  1. Tea Party Museum – YOTEL is located around 10 minutes walking from there! The museum looks great on the outside, but it is quite pricey to go inside, and I am still not sure whether I want to recommend it or not. I would say it’s a perfect spot for the families, as the museum offers some child-friendly activities.
  2. Freedom Trail. The whole trail is 2,5 mile long, so taking the full journey would actually take you the whole day ( or slightly more). I think the red bus would be the most appropriate option to see everything. We chose to see the part located in the very centre, as we planned to head to Harvard from there.
  3. Harvard. It’s a lovely place to come to, even though the journey would take you around 35 minutes by the tube. I felt a bit sorry for their students having to deal with thousands of tourists, but having to study at the world’s most famous uni obligates people to just take it easy. I think. Make sure to walk around for a little while in order to experience the vibe.
  4. Harvard University Museum – for some reason we thought we’ll find out about the facts about Harvard University itself, but the museum is dedicated to natural history.
  5.  MIT is also a must on your way back from Harvard, but make sure you dedicate it more than 2 hrs!

There were several red bus companies offering some great attractions, such as tea party inspired events, pub crawls and football matches.


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