Espadrij l’originale

Being totally honest, espadrilles aren’t the most beautiful design, but they undoubtedly won the battle against… everything else.

Did you know they are almost 4000 years old? Espadrilles come from Catalonia – yes, there is a reason people relate them to Spain. The modern shape was designed by Ives Saint Laurent in the 70’s, and hasn’t really changed since the Hippie period. They have been around for a while, but it seems they got a bit more popular recently. Moreover, are named the most desireable shoes in the summer. At least for the summer in the city.

No wonder – they are comfortable, easy to style, produced in many different colors, patterns, and you can either buy them at the market around the corner, or you can get a Chanel version of them.

I chose espadrij l’originale for the summer 2016, and said goodbye to my platform sandals forever. The shoes are hand made in France, from all the best quality fabrics and materials.

I like to style them in a feminine way – with my favorite off-the-shoulder dress and beach basket (also from Espadrij l’originale). I recommend to swap your fav handbag for a straw basket in the summer – you can’t go on holiday everyday, but you can at least pretend you are away.

Espadrij l’originale is a brand you might want to check. The design may appear to be quite simple, but there is a hint of French Riviera about every design they are producing. Give them a try!




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