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Spontaneous trips are definitely the best ones! Me and my beloved sister decided to visit one of the most beautiful European cities that we’ve never been to – Lisbon. I’m still amazed by its beauty and atmosphere . Some streets may be stuck in time ,especially the part of the city called Alfama and its cobblestone alleyways , musicians and overall vibe. There is no better way to see that beautiful city than walking around its hills which¬†makes me wanna wonder how do Lisboners coop with that in the summer? Maybe that is the reason that all my friends from Lisbon are so slim!

My outfit was inspired by 50’s silhouettes and cuts and 1930’s glamour accessories. I think I wanted to melt into a city’s atmosphere and be a part of it for some time. I really like the lingerie feel about that dress (top front part)and the floral print . Just thought that it would look good ¬†and stylish with the 30’s cat sunnies , wide black hat and comfortable flats with the stripe detail. Matching vinatge styles is fun!






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