6 Slow Fashion Must Haves For The Fall

Here I come with some slow fashion inspiration for the A/W 2020. You won’t find ‘the hottest trends’, just eco- and slow fashion. Some clothes are meant to stay with you for longer and the others… are not worth your attention (and money).

Cashmere Jumpers and Cadigangs

No knitwear will ever compare to a great quality cashmere jumper. Ever. Cashmere jumpers, if you get a good quality cashmere, are a great investment for years! Beige, black and grey are the safe colours but I think it is worth to experiment with some more varieties when it comes to cashmere. I recommend London Cashmere Company, Repeat Cashmere and Brodie Cashmere. The last brand is owned by mother-daughter duo. The designs are both – minimalist and colorful. You will find a lot of great timeless prints, necklines, lengths and even… top + pants combo. You can tell they put all the energy and heart into designing, which makes all their cashmere pieces really special. Let’s support small brands!

Don’t forget to also purchase a special kind cashmere dedicated washing liquid or powder. Wear a t-shirt underneath your jumpers to avoid washing them more than twice a year.

Tweed Jacket

Nothing says ‘sophistication’ in a better way (at least the way I see it). I have a few tweed jackets in my closet, and I plan to get a few new ones this year as well – I am currently in search for beige or carmel. ‘Tweed’ is usually made from wool but it depends on the kind as there are the ones with some cashmere, mohair or some poly added. For tweed jacket shopping I would recommend Weill Paris – the French slow fashion brand. The price of ZARA tweed-like jacket is around 50-60EUR but it runs out after a season. I know because I used to have a few of them before I discovered slow fashion. The tweed jacket from a high end brand is a higher cost – from 100-500EUR but it will pretty much last a lifetime.

Red Dress

Take off that shyness and wear some red.

Red dress is not a trend.

Red is my favourite colour and I always encourage ladies to wear this shade more often. Nothing adds femininity in a better way!

As for the red dresses, I chose something versatile for this fall. Let me introduce the brand I am working with this fall – Cocoove. Cocoove is a British high-end womenswear brand. The garments are all made in the UK, and designed with love in London. Ria, the founder, named her precious brand after nieces and god-daughters: Amelie, Coco and Verity. The designs are timeless and versatile, and the fabrics (silks, viscose and cotton) are all sourced in the Northwest. Slow fashion in its best! The new season collection explores shapes, colours and function for fashion living in a modern world. You will find a lot of beige, carmel and yellow but also my beloved deep red.

The mini dress I wear looks great as an evening dress (if you are going out with the fall at all) and as everyday wear choice -perhaps with the black boots?

Pricewise, my Cocoove red dress is 95GBP which equals two polyester ZARA dresses. I always encourage my readers to choose wisely and support small independent businesses. Together we can truly make the change!

Hunter Boots

Hunter boots are made of rubber. They source rubber from plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand and that is why the boots are more expensive than the usual wellington boots. But the higher price equals the quality. I have had mine for years now, and they are a perfect companion to my long autumn walks. Not to mention they look fab with the trench coat, checks and all black looks.

Vegan Leather Jacket

What is vegan leather? It is NOT faux leather, leatherette or any form of what people order from China. No. Vegan leather can be made from innovative and sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic and used to create products that put animal skins to shame. I got my hands on this fabulous Nu Denmark black embellished vegan leather jacket, and I sincerely hope it will last as long as the leather lasts. The quality is really great, the feel of the leather is super luxurious and the embellishment on it is not too much. As for the price of such item – it is around 200-300 EUR, which equals the price of a regular leather jacket from leather good shop. Great slow fashion statement!

Long-sleeved Floral Dress

Long-sleeved floral dresses are a great investment! I knew it the moment I saw ‘The Edge of Love’ with Keira Knightley. No other piece presents itself as fabulous with both – a pair of golden sandals and a pair of Hunters. You can style it with a straw hat and with a fedora piece or a beret for the colder October days. Such dress would look great with the black tights and a vegan leather jacket, too! I would recommend a viscose piece as it folds really beautifully and would keep you a bit warmer in the evenings.

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