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Last Minute Luxury Christmas Gift Idea

It’s less than a week away from Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year is in its glory, and you probably prefer to enjoy your time out with friends and wonderful Christmas lights instead of stressing out? Apart from an endless joy, Christmas is also a period of running around, preparations and gift shopping, which undoubtedly causes quite a lot of pressure.

I prepared some revised luxurious Christmas gift ideas for you to look at – I ‘tested’ the gifts, so you are to be sure there ain’t be no ‘failure’.

I am aware I have got quite a lot of readers from the UK and Germany, the rest of EU and the USA, but I decided to list the most ‘international’ currency (at least the way I see it) – USD.

What would I buy last minute?


For Everyone ( over the age of 18 :)), but especially for the wine lovers

 Wine (from 20-50$)

The way I see it, wine is always a good idea, at least for people who enjoy drinking good wine. I think it is a very ‘argumentative’ kind of gift, as wine lovers love to test new findings, especially from the regions thet have never ‘explored’ before. I made a little list of my favorites from 2017 for you to choose from – unfortunately only of white and red as I don’t drink rose. And all the listed wines are dry.

White :

Dark Horse, Chardonnay (here)

Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc (here)


Red :

Melnik 55 (dry), get it at the best wineries in your town, ask for good Bulgarian wine

Dark Horse, Merlot (here)

And the absolute surprise of the season- the wine that  has beenwas voted the best wine in the world! Fortezza Dei Colli Chianti Classico Reserva (get from Lidl)

For Sister/ Husband/ Dad/ Mom/ Bestie

Festive Garments ( 50-150$)

Most of my friends and family tend to purchase rather ‘classy items’ – they would never purchase festive wear for some reason. That is the reason I gift them with some pretty and good quality clothes they will be able to wear every December. Shiny jumpers, patterned jumpers (for men), red dresses and festive tops are some great Christmas gift ideas! They have to be of a really good quality and not too ‘ trashy looking’, as you would probably want the person you are gifting to wear it for at least a couple of festive seasons.

Shiny red dress – get it from here ( 20% off with the code : carmelatte20 + free delivery )

Red jumper – get it from here (20% off with the code : carmelatte20 + free delivery )


Sister/ Mother/ Bestie 

Cloud Nine Hair Irons ( around 190$)

I have been using Cloud Nine Irons since the beginning of November/end of October, and the outcomes are beyond great and I have never received as many hair-compliments in my life! It makes a perfect gift idea – not only they work really well, but the lovley festive packaging would definitely cause the ‘WOW’ factor. Another big plus? Perfect for travelers! It comes with a special cover and an extra plugin (EU and the UK). I have also got adicted to Cloud Nine professional hair brush.


Husband/ Brother/ Traveler

BOSE Headphones (around 300$)

Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones became my boyfriend’s favorite accessory of 2017 -especially because we travelled for about 50 times this year (!!!). In fact – I felt like I heard the real ‘sound’ for the first time in my life. The quality of QC is simply incredible. I guarantee it’s would make a perfect gift!



For everyone, very good for a joined present 

Experience Gift


To me – this is the most ‘thoughtful’ gift you can think of purchasing for a travel lover. It might not make the ‘wow’ effect of the unwrapping, and it might also cause some money spending ( of the person you are gifting), but the ‘experience gift’ will definitely remain something unforgettable. After all – travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

I made the list of 3 price point categories :

$$$$ – very pricey

$$$ – pricey

$$ – affordable

Paris  ($$$$)


Perfect gift idea for couples – perhaps you parents? Or maybe your spouse/ girlfriend/ boyfriend and you? It is the sort of city you want to come back to – whether it is for some romantic walks, sight seeing or wine and baguette at the Eiffel Tower. Paris remains popular all year round, so the prices are more or less the same. Make sure to not head there during the fashion week period (unless you want to) – the prices increase and the hotels (especially the good ones) get full.

I would suggest the best time to go is April/May.

Return flight from Berlin to Paris Beauvais (which is in fact 100 km from the city…) –  around 30/40 + 20 shuttle to Paris one way from Beauvais airport

Train from London to Paris  – around £90  return

Flight from Warsaw/Wroclaw/Krakow to Paris Beauvais – around 50 € return

Average **** hotel price is around 200 per night, and I would suggest option number 1 or number 2

Average dinner for two + drinks 60/70€ (according to me)


Prague ($$)


Prague is called the little Paris, but the way I see it definitely more affordable and perhaps a little more intimate one. Prague is lovely at any season of the year, but it is especially charming in winter. What would you say to a winter escape to Prague? I think it would definitely make a perfect gift to anyone! The famous Christmas market remains open until the first week of January, so perhaps the very first days of the year would make a perfect time to visit this city with your loved ones?

Return ticket from London – around £50 + 20 taxi ride to the city center

Train from Berlin around 60 return, flight from 90

From Warsaw – around 6 hrs by car

Average ****hotel price is 70 per night, I would suggest number 1 or number 2

Average dinner for two plus drinks 30/40

Budapest ($$)


I really recommend Budapest to everyone, especially for the ‘surprise gifts’! We went there in the spring time, and it was a really good time! Not too warm in compare to Lisbon or Barca, but definitely something astonishing to see! Such a great vibe, super delicious food and the historical sights! One of the best cities I have ever been to and definitely a perfect one for a short ‘gift gateaway’ – perhaps a girl trip with your bestie or sister?

Return ticket from London is 30-50 return

Return flight from Berlin is 60/90 return

Average ****hotel price is 50 per night, perhaps you could stay here or here ?

Average dinner for two plus drinks 20/30€ (according to me)



Lisbon ($$)


Lisbon has got a soul – there is no doubt. Unlike the central European capitals, I would really recommend taking your beloved person in the winter time! Is there anything better than escaping the cold? The average temperature in Lisbon in February is 14 degree with the full sun!

Return flight from London is even up from 20- 40 return

Return flight from Berlin is around 100

Average ****hotel price is 50 per night, how about an option 1 or option 2 ?

Average dinner for two plus drinks 30

Barcelona ($$$$)

Not as warm as Lisbon, but it would still make a perfect destination for the sun lovers, especially in January – March. The average temperature is a bit lower than Portugese, but Barcelona is known for being qite surprising, so who knows?

Return flight from London  varies from £20- 50

Return flight from Berlin is around 30-40

Average ****hotel price is 70 per night, I would suggest to book option 1 or option 2

Average dinner for two plus drinks 70€ (according to me)

Edinburgh ($$$)

Edinburgh is a great gateaway gift idea for a millenial, who is also a fan of Harry Potter series 🙂 You would actually be able to feel the magical vibe in this charming city! The weather in Scotland remains the same all year round, so it does not really matter what time of the year you are planning to go, but I would suggest March as the tickets are quite affordable and the ‘spring’ (if you can call it that way in Edinburgh) starts way sooner in Scotland as well.

Train from London – around £60 return, flight varies from £50-100

Flight from Berlin – around 100

Average ****hotel price is £60 per night

Average dinner for two plus drinks £60 (according to me)





Summarising, there are the whole loads of last minute gift ideas, which you will definitely manage to get before Christmas. The truth is what matters the most are the feelings, the good will, festive vibe and the precious time you will get to spend with your family and your loved ones!


I wanted to thank you for being with me, reading my posts and writing your commented. It really means a world to me, and I hope to keep improving. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!









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  1. really such nice ideas and i love your pics, especially the first one is super cute and christmassy :))

    i wish you and your fam a merry merry xmas and a happy new year! xx

  2. Wow, your ideas are so sweet. Usually my “last minute ideas” are vouchers, eg. for cosmetics, clothes or books.

    It is easy for me to buy some type of voucher and my family/friends can decide what exactly they would like to get. 😀

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