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October Favs

The fall is so beautiful in the mountains. I have always enjoyed coming back to my home town, as there is nothing more magical than the Golden Fall in Karkonosze! I struggle to find the right words to describe the magnificent fall we all experience here in the Lower Silesian part of Poland. The views, the game of colors and the nature makes everything look unreal!

October means the endless walks with my dog Kryśka – what better way to discover beautiful places? I did quite a lot of research on astonishing spots to go for a day off, and there are loads! I will make sure to post about them on my blog, as I really believe people should start considering this part of Poland as their weekend escapes.


You know what season it is? It’s the TV season. That’s right – just you, your favorite series and a cup of tea. This October ThreeUK are launching the ‘Bingle Club’, an online community that brings online audiences together to discuss their favorite shows live. I was invited to join them for a little challenge… how about 72 hrs marathon of the new series ‘ Stranger Things’ this Halloween?

It’s a sci-fi horror taking place in a fictional town called Hawkins in the early-mid 80’s. When a boy vanishes, the city becomes involved in some secret experiments and terrifying supernatural forces. It might get you addicted 🙂

After watching you will be going live on Facebook to exchange your thoughts with the other users, including me.

This is a great idea, as people have the possibility to actually talk about something they are really interested in! Thinking back of my time as a student in London. Sometimes you just feel the loneliness or you don’t have anyone to talk to – I always say those ‘active groups’ are a great solution to that.

Does it sound like a plan?

You can use THIS LINK to sign up now.

Get the look:

Dress – Otto Mode Australia, get it here

Shoes – Ralph Lauren, get similar Steve Madden Overknees here  ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Bag – LV

This fall I discovered @evermorehealth and their 21 days metabolism program. No, they are not another super pill, they’re superfoods ‘closed’ into a pill. You would normally take it in your smoothie, matcha latte or acai bowl – it’s just easier and faster, and you can actually take it everywhere.

The supplements are 100% organic guarana and maca – nothing that would miraculously let you loose 10 kg in a day, but something that boosts your energy and metabolism while burning your calories at the same time. I have been taking it for a week now 🙂

 Get the look :

Jumper – get similar with the blue details here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Skirt – get similar with the frill detail here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Shoes – get similar here or here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Bag – Gucci Blooms On Chain

Slow Travel

I would not be myself without a little travel-related note. This time it will be a small mention of our newest oasis-discovery! This manor house, located in the Lower Silesian part of Poland, is locally known for its luxurious interior, fancy exterior as well as the culinary workshops! You can also enjoy from several SPA-treatments while relaxing among the nature and the lower silesian castles, such as Chojnik, Grudziąc and Książ.

You can book your stay HERE

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Shirt – HM, get similaer NA-KD version here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

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Shoes – NA-KD, get them here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Hat – get from here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)


This fall I found out how incredibly comfortable Adidas Superstar(s) can be. If it was not rainy, I would  have ended up wearing them non-stop! I have to admit I was not exactly whom you would call a sneaker-lover, but this glamour design of Adidas made me change my mind. I think they look incredibly feminine in a combination with a cape, leather pants or trendy checked garments! I would also give it a go with a denim skirt once it gets a bit warmer ( where we go this December, thankfully…).

Footlocker EU presented very feminine collection this year! You can choose from the variety of Puma, Adidas and my personal ‘can’t wait for’ Timberland in a very glam edition! You can have a look yourself (click).

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Adidas Superstar Glitter Exclusive – Footlocker EU, get it here 

Black Tassel Earrings, get it here ( 10% off with my code CARMELATTE )

Leather Pants – get it here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Checked Coat – get similar here and here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Another fashion crush was super-oversized blazer/coat as well as those sharmancy tassel earrings from Happines Boutique. I was not the fan of such statement jewelry – I would rather underline my look with some delicate pieces, but this year I have completely fallen for the long tassel earrings. In my opinion they should come with a simple smart outfit. I would never ever see them in any other combo, unless it’s on a beach.

Get the look :

Blazer – get similar here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Shoes – get similar here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Bag – Chloe Faye

Earrings – get them here ( 10% off with my code CARMELATTE )

This fall I got the opportunity to work with VIDA, – a global platform that brings together creatives and manufacturers from around the world to create art inspired original apparel and accessories. Each of VIDA‘s products is custom-made, on-demand, and has a unique story – from the inspiration behind its design to the personal, poignant stories of their artists and makers. I have fallen in love with this cashmere scarf ( get it here)  it spices this fall outfit up and the quality has left me speechless!


Get the look :

Coat – get similar and a bit shorter here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte)

Shoes  : get similar here or  here ( 20% off with my code : carmelatte) 



Cloud Nine and their super fancy golden hair irons are my greatest beauty discovery this fall. I love how professional they look! The brand won several awards, such as Your Hair Awards in 2012 and Hair Awards in 2013 and 2015! Cloud Nine tools are designed to reduce hair damage, leaving your hair visibly healthier with an effortless, natural style. The stat show that 9/10 clients are super pleased with the outcomes of testing, I am definitely one of them. Cloud Nine tools are equipped with unique Smart Technology which intelligently functions to maintain your chosen individual styling temperature, which makes it super handy to use 🙂

I had a pleasure to test their Gift of Gold Iron Set, which I think would make a perfect Christmas gift!

Get the look :

Shoes – NA-KD, get it here   ( 20% with my code : carmelatte)

Dress – HM, get similar from NA-KD here ( 20% with my code : carmelatte)

Bag – Lady Dior

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  1. Such fab looks for Fall in October! How beautiful it is there in Poland and what amazing photos. I love that yellow wrap dress the color is striking and looks so good on you. I haven’t heard of Evermore supplements before but how cute is the packaging and I love that you can take it anywhere with you. I’m too lazy to eat all the necessary vitamins and superfoods so these pills would be great for me. Thanks for sharing your October favs! xoxo, Christine

  2. Your style is gorgeous! And I really, really want to watch Stranger Things next, when I’ve finished my other series “Turn”. I really think it sounds so exciting wuahh! 🙂

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